Download the Higg Index Communications Manual

The 2019 Higg Index Communications Manual is available to all Sustainable Apparel Coalition members and Higg Index customers. 

SAC members and Higg Index customers can use this guide to learn how to best communicate about their commitment to the Higg Index and sustainability performance progress. This is an important step of an organization's sustainability journey. 

This guide is designed for communications, marketing, and public relations professionals working for SAC member organizations and Higg Index facilities. All Higg Index customers are welcome to use this guide.

The guide features which information can be shared publicly, through various communications and marketing channels. It also defines with whom organizations can share this information and why some information cannot be shared.
By promoting their involvement with the SAC and the Higg Index, organizations can help to make the SAC’s vision of a more transparent industry a reality.
Download the manual. Here.
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    Chi Phan

    What is the differences between Higg Index customers and Higg Index facilities in the document above? Are they interchangeable? Thank you for your kind clarification.

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