Complete a Higg FSLM Self-assessment Only

  1. Scope
  • This guidance is for facilities who only plan to complete the FSLM self-assessment only and won't do the FSLM verification. 
  • You don't need to connect with SLCP if you don't do the FSLM verification. Connecting with SLCP if you will do the verification. 
  • Note: The Higg FSLM is adopting the Social Labor Convergence Project (SLCP) assessment. So the result of Higg FSLM will reflect the SLCP self-assessment result directly. 
  • To learn more about FSLM, please click here.
  1. Process Guide

     1) Access the FSLM

  • Click “Edit FSLM” to access the FSLM self-assessment. After you click it, the FSLM status will become ASI (Assessment Initiative) from NS (Not Started)


5) Complete the FSLM

a. You can complete the FSLM online directly but make sure that you are in a good internet connection environment. Otherwise, your data might not be saved successfully. There is no button for saving the data because your data will be saved automatically in our system if you are in a stable and good internet environment. 

  1. Currently, the FSLM online version has English/Chinese available. 



b. You can also download the offline excel file tool on your FSLM dashboard and complete it offline. Then import this data to the FSLM. To import data:

  • You can download the offline excel file in English/Chinese/Spanish versions currently. 
  • Click “Import Module” button in the FSLM to import the excel file offline tool data we provide to this FSLM.
  • After the data is imported, the system will calculate the completion rate for the FSLM.




c. Rules of completing the FSLM

  • The completion rate of FSLM must be over 95% no matter if you work on the FSLM online or import the SLCP excel file data. Otherwise, you might not be able to post the FSLM. 
  • The facility is required to complete all questions in “Facility Profile” section.
  • The facility is required to complete all required questions. 
  • Except “Management System” section, the follow-up questions in other sections should be completed. The follow-up questions in “Management System” section is optional to answer.
  • If your completion rate is lower than 95%, you can click “Additional Filters” and select “Unanswered” filter to check the questions you haven’t answered and make the completion rate over 95%.


d. If you have completed or worked on the old version (1.2 version) of FSLM either online or in the downloaded SLCP excel file tool before the new SLCP cycle releasing, our platform has updated the 1.2 version excel to 1.3 to reduce friction.

6) View the FSLM home page dashboard

  • View the FSLM module status: ASI (Assessment Initiative) now and click "Edit FSLM" to view your FSLM. You can also view your module completion rate. 
  • Available actions:
    • You can share your FSLM with other accounts 
    • You can post your FSLM - You must post your FSLM so the accounts that you have shared your FSLM with can view your FSLM data. You can also post the FSLM self-assessment in the FSLM assessment. 
  • Result report:
    • Critical issue report



  • You can also go to "Module" page and "My Modules" tab to check online FSLM data or export the FSLM data. 
    • Overview: go to your FSLM home page
    • View Assessment: view the FSLM self-assessment data online
    • Download CSV v1 and v2: download the CSV v1/v2 file report which is a machine readable instead of human readable report. The current FSLM is an unscored version and the v1 version file and v2 version file will look the same since you don't do FSLM verification. 
    • Download Excel: download the excel file report. You can also download it from the FSLM home page. 



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