FSLM Verification Process Guide – For Facilities

  1. Scope

  • This guidance is for facilities to start and complete the FSLM verification (SLCP Operation) procedures on platform.
  • In this guidance, the verifying body and verifier verification procedures has been mentioned also. Please refer to the separated guidance of SLCP Verification on platform Guidance for Verifying body and Verifier in details.


     2. Process Guide

    1) You must have an account in platform -

    2) You must have a vFSLM: please read the guidance of Purchasing Higg Facility Modules

  3) Connect to the SLCP gateway account Screen_Shot_2019-11-17_at_6.41.06_PM.png Connecting to SLCP gateway account by entering SLCP Facility ID (This step is only for the facilities that will do the FSLM verification and are located in SLCP operation countries/areas. If the facility won't do the FSLM verification and is not located in SLCP operation countries/areas, don't need to create the facility account on the SLCP Gateway. Click here to learn more about FSLM and vFSLM as well as SLCP operation countries/areas

  • Make sure that you have set up your facility account on SLCP gateway before this step. 
  • Get your SLCP facility ID from your facility account on SLCP gateway
  • Go back to the FSLM home page in your account in
  • Click “Connect to the SLCP” under “Assessment Steps” on the FSLM home page
  • Enter your SLCP facility ID and click “Link”
  • You will see “Connect to the SLCP” successfully and review your SLCP assessment ID in module status area. 




5) Access the FSLM

  • Click “Edit FSLM” to access the FSLM self-assessment. After you click it, the FSLM status will become ASI (Assessment Initiative) from NS (Not Started)

6) Complete the FSLM

a. You can complete the FSLM online directly but make sure that you are in a good internet connection environment. Otherwise, your data might not be saved successfully. There is no button for saving the data because your data will be saved automatically in our system if you are in a stable and good internet environment. 


b. You can work on the FSLM online and then download the offline FSLM excel file in

  • Currently, the FSLM online assessment has English and Chinese versions. Click "EN" on the top bar next to your account name, you can change the language to Chinese.  The offline excel file has English/Chinese/Spanish versions for downloading.
  • After completing with your internal teams, import the excel file back to the online FSLM. You can refer to the below point (c) for importing data guidance. 



c. You can also download the offline excel file tool from your FSLM home page dashboard and complete it offline directly. Then import this data to the FSLM. To import the module:

  • Click “Import Module” button in the FSLM to import the excel file offline tool data we provide to this FSLM.
  • After the data is imported, the system will calculate the completion rate for the FSLM.


d. Rules of completing the FSLM: Otherwise, the facility can’t submit or post the FSLM for verification. You can use "Additional Filter" to find incomplete questions. 

  • The completion rate of FSLM must be over 95% no matter if you work on the FSLM online or import the SLCP excel file data. If your completion rate is lower than 95%, you can click “Additional Filters” and select “Unanswered” filter to check the questions you haven’t answered and make the completion rate over 95%.
  • The facility must complete all questions in “Facility Profile” section.
  • The facility must complete all "required" questions. To check the required questions, you can click "additional filters" at the top of FSLM module page and select "Required" filter to check all required questions in each section. 
  • Except “Management System” section, the follow-up questions in other sections must be completed. The follow-up questions in “Management System” section is optional to answer.


7) Selecting verifying body.

a. You can select your verifying body on the FSLM home page dashboard or in the FSLM self-assessment. Click the “Select verifying body”.



b. You will see the selected verifying body on the FSLM home dashboard and you can also change the selected verifying body. After you select the verifying body, the verifying body will receive an email and assign the verifier on SLCP Gateway. After they assign the verifier for 15-30 minutes, the assigned verifier will be seen on your FSLM home page. 


8) Submitting/posting your FSLM for verification.

    a. You can submit/post your FSLM for verification on FSLM home page dashboard or in the FSLM.


If you can't submit for verification after clicking this button, you will see the incomplete question list. You must complete those questions to submit/post for verification. 


b. After submitting/posting your FSLM for verification, your FSLM module status will become ASC (Assessment Complete) and currently there is no verified assigned. 


9) After verifying body selects a verifier, it will take up to 15 minutes to show the verifier information on your FSLM home page dashboard.

10) When the verifier clicks “Begin verification” from their side, the facility FSLM status will become VRP (Verification in Progress) from ASC (Assessment Complete) on the FSLM home page dashboard. 

12) After the verifier submits the verification, the facility verified FSLM status will become VRC (Verification Complete) on the facility FSLM home page dashboard.

13) Review the verified Higg FSLM.

a. You can view the vFSLM on the FSLM home page dashboard or go to “My Modules” tab of Modules section to review both FSLM and vFSLM online.


b. View the online vFSLM and check below items in the verified FSLM: Click the “Additional Filter” tab to check each category. You can multiple select the filters.


  • Complete: see all questions that verifier has completed
  • Accurate: see all questions that verifier has verified as accurate
  • Inaccurate: see all questions that verifier has verified as inaccurate
  • No response: see all questions that verifier has verified as no response
  • Flag: see all questions that verifier has legal flagged so facilities need to pay more attention on
  • Required: see all questions that verifier is required to complete
  • Missing Notes: this filter is for verifier to check their verification completion 

c. You can view the files uploaded by the verifier during the verification. 


d. Dispute verification

  • If you disagree on the verification result, you can dispute the verification. Click the option “Dispute FSLM verification” under Final Steps and complete and submit the dispute form. Then the vFSLM status will become VRD (Verification in dispute). VOO will handle this dispute offline and get the facility, VB and verifier involved to this dispute.


e. Finalize verification

  • If you agree on the verification result, you can click “Finalize FSLM verification” option under Final Steps. Then the vFSLM status will become VRF (Verification Finalized) and the FSLM verification process is done.


e. Review your FSLM and vFSLM after finalized on your FSLM home page dashboard or FSLM "Module" page. 



  • View FSLM: You can view the vFSLM online. 
  • View CSV file: You can export the CSV file (v1/v2) of vFSLM.
  • View Critical Issues and Opportunities report 
  • View Flagged Questions report
  • View Verifier Notification report 
  • Download the certificate: you can download the FSLM and vFSLM completion certificate packages 
  • View Verified report: It will take you to the SLCP Gateway to review the detailed verification data at question-level. platform won't provide any finalized verification reports in an excel file version.


f. Post your vFSLM after finalized 

  • To post the vFSLM, you can go to the "Available Actions" on FSLM home page. On our platform, posting FSLM and posting vFSLM are two separately processes. Facility needs to access each module and post it in each module.
  • You must post your FSLM and vFSLM modules so that the accounts which you shared your modules with (like your clients) will be able to access and view your FSLM modules.



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