"Modules" Page Guide

In this guidance, you will learn:

  • What information is on your account module page 
  • How to navigate the features on the module page 

This guide provides an overview of the Modules page on The Modules page is unique to the assessment, so there is a Modules page for FEM and a separate Modules page for FSLM.

To access the Modules page, click on either the FEM or FSLM tab in A new tab will appear directly below that says "Modules". Click on this tab to open the Modules page. 


Once the Modules page is open you will see information regarding owned modules as well as shared modules from other accounts.

Viewing Owned and Shared Module Lists

The page will default to showing "All Modules" - meaning both any modules your accounts owns as well as all shared modules. You can filter down the modules list using the options on the left-side panel.

Facilities' view


  • All Modules: All owned modules and modules that are shared with your account.
  • My Modules: Modules owned by your account
  • Shared With Me: Modules from other accounts that have been shared with your account
  • Receive Modules 
    • Modules Requested: Modules that you have requested from other accounts, that have not yet accepted the request.
    • Modules Received: Modules that have been shared with you but you haven't accepted yet. 
  • Share your Modules: 
    •  My Shares: Accounts with whom you have shared your module
    • Share Requests: Accounts that have requested you share your module with them. 


Brands/retailers' View


Similar as facility account’s view. But brand/retailer account won’t have any modules under “My Modules” and “My Shares” now because brand/retailer module hasn’t been launched yet. 

If brand/retailer account is an approved 2nd verification body, you will see the tab “Verification Received” , which means that the facility has submitted their self-assessment module (FEM/FSLM) for verification and selected you as the verification body who will conduct the verification. 


Review the Module Sharing and Requesting guide for instructions on how to share or request modules.

Search and Filter Modules

The Modules page allows you to search and filter all your owned and shared modules. The module search and filter functions run across the top of the Modules list:


  • Year: The year of module you want to see. Currently, FEM has the year of 2017, 2018 and 2019 modules available. FSLM doesn’t have a year for the module. 
  • Account name: The name of the account
  • Country: Where the account is located. 
  • Tags: Add specific tags, or words, to help further categorize your modules list (e.g. company-specific product category, tier, etc.). Tages can be filtered. 
  • SAC ID: It is the Higg ID. 
  • Status: What phase of completion the module is currently at:
    • NS - Self-assessment not started 
    • ASI - Self-assessment started/in progress 
    • ASC - Self-assessment completed. This status will only happen when the self-assessment has been posted. (note: there is a separate column for posted: yes/no - a module can be completed but not posted)
    • ASD - Self-assessment deleted. The self-assessment data is actually not deleted from our system. The module is just removed from the Module Page. If you need it back, please contact our support team. 
    • VRP - Verification initiated/in progress. The verifiers have started the verification. 
    • VRC - Verification completed. This status will happen when the verifiers complete and submit the verification from their accounts.  
    • VRD - Verification in dispute. This status will happen when the facilities have questions or concerns about the verification results and initiative the dispute from their account.   
    • VRI - Verification Invalidated. This status will happen after the facilities dispute their verification data, the VOO will get involved and review the data. Once VOO confirms that the verification is flawed, they will set it as VRI. If VOO confirms that the verification is correct, they will set it as VRC. 
    • VRF - Verification finalized. This status will happen when the facilities have reviewed the verification results without any disagreement and clicked "Finalize Verification" button from their accounts. (note: there is a separate column for posted: yes/no - a verified module can be finalized but not posted)
  • Self: The % completion rate for the self-assessed module. If the self-assessment module is posted, it will show as Posted. If not, will show as Not posted. 
  • Verified: The % completion rate for the verified module, if applicable. If the verified assessment module is posted, it will show as Posted. If not, will show as Not posted. 
  • Action: the options are available. Only if the self-assessment or verified assessment has been posted, you can see the options under “Action” tab. 
    • Overview: it will direct you to the module dashboard to see the account and module's details.   


View assessment: view the assessment online

Download the CSV V1/V2: download the module data into a CSV file. V1: self-assessment and verified assessment data is located in two rows. V2: self-assessment and verified assessment data is located in one row

Download the excel: download the module data into excel file

Download the certificate: only for facility account currently. Download the certificate package of the completed and posted assessment.

Decline share: only for brand/retailer account currently. Decline the module sharing request from the facility account. 



Module Exports

Review the Module Exports and Viewing Posted Modules guide for instructions on how to export and view module data. 

The Bulk Export of all module data can be accessed using the "Download" button at the top right of the Modules page. To download data for an individual module, click the three dots of the right and then select which type of data file you want to download. 


Note: Only shared modules that have an approved connection and are posted will show up in module exports. 

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