Completing a Verified FSLM (vFSLM)

Please note access to vFSLM is only available to facilities participating in SLCP light operations in China and Sri Lanka. Additional countries will be added in 2019.

For facilities in China and Sri Lanka who would like to initiate verification of their assessment:

1. Accessing the SLCP Gateway

All facilities in China and Sri Lanka planning to verify Higg FSLM (vFSLM) must register an account on the SLCP Gateway to receive an SLCP Facility ID. The ID will link your SLCP account to your Higg vFSLM.

To Register on the SLCP Gateway, visit:, click “Register or Sign in” and complete and submit the registration form.

Screen_Shot_2018-11-08_at_4.13.51_PM.png            Screen_Shot_2018-11-08_at_4.15.52_PM.png

You will receive an email within 2 business days once your SLCP account is approved.

1) Once you can login to the SLCP Gateway (
Once your SLCP Gateway account is approved, please log into to find your SLCP Facility ID in the “My Profile” tab. Take note of this ID, you will need to enter it into your Higg FSLM to initiate the assessment.


2) You will see a tab called “Accredited Host” on the SLCP Gateway – you must click here to link your SLCP profile to the Higg Index.Screen_Shot_2018-11-08_at_4.24.28_PM.png

3) You can access the Excel version of the SLCP assessment by going to the “Initiate SLCP Assessment” section.


2. After you have set up you SLCP Gateway account, log back into your account


1) Make sure you have connected your Higg module to the SLCP Gateway. Go to the SLCP Gateway an select to connect to ( in the "Accredited Hosts" tab. It will take you to SAC platform. 


2) Login your account on platform. If you haven't had an account on, you can click "Don't have an account?" to create your account. It will be approved within 3 business days by SAC support team. Screen_Shot_2019-01-02_at_2.05.06_PM.png

3) Link SLCP on You will see a form to accept your SLCP link. Your facility ID will be pre-populated. The SLCP facility ID on this page should be consistent with the one in facility profile on SLCP Gateway.  Click “Confirm” to link your SLCP and account.


You can also connect your SLCP Gateway account from if you didn't connect on SLCP Gateway before. You will need to go to FSLM section and click "Connect SLCP Account" button and enter your SLCP facility ID to connect SLCP Gateway from your account. 


4)  Make sure you have purchased both FSLM and vFSLM (verification copy of FSLM). If you have not purchased the FSLM and vFSLM please following the module purchase instructions

IMPORTANT: Because access to vFSLM is restricted to facilities in China and Sri Lank, please check your account profile address. You must have a complete physical address listed including city and country. If city and country are not listed, the platform cannot identify the location of the facility and you will not be able to view vFSLM. Please update your account address if necessary to include city and country.

5) Make sure you have fully completed your Higg FSLM self assessment. You will not be able to access verification without a completed Higg FSLM since the verification only can be started when the FSLM completion rate is over 95%. If you download the excel tool of SLCP from SLCP gateway and complete it offline, you can click "Import Module" button in FSLM assessment to upload your SLCP excel file of assessment data. 


6) To activate your vFSLM.  Once the assessment is complete and the completion rate is over 95%, you will see the option to "Submit for Verification". Click this to start vFSLM.


7) Go back to the FSLM tab and select "Select SLCP Verifying Body". Use the search to find the verifier organization who will be completing the verification and click "Select". (Note VB = verifier body). Once the VB is selected this sends an email notification to them that the vFSLM has been started. The VB will need to assign a verifier to the module in the SLCP Gateway. 

Note: factory should confirm with the VB whom they are going to choose for conducting the verification for their FSLM before they make the selection action on our platform. Once they select the VB on our platform, that means that both the VB and facility have agreed on it.


8) You can see the selected VB shown on your FSLM page. Before a verifier is assigned to your account, will indicate “No verifier assigned”. You can click “Reopen FSLM” to edit your FSLM or click “View FSLM” to view your FSLM self-assessment.


9) After verifying body selects a verifier, it can take up to 15 minutes. Then you will receive an email to alert you that a verifier has been assigned to your account. 

10) If you are logged into when the email arrives, you will need to reload the page to see the verifier assignment. Once the verifier is assigned to your account, you cannot edit your FSLM anymore. You cannot “Reopen FSLM”. You can only view your FSLM.


11) Please note that the VB and the individual verifier will also need to have accounts on in order to complete the verification. The facility will see the "Current Module Status" changes as the verification gets completed. When the verifier clicks “Begin verification” from their side, you will receive an email to confirm verification has started.

12) When the verifier completes and submits the verification, you will also receive an email to inform you that “verification is ready for view”.

13) Review the verified Higg FSLM.

Login to your account on and click on the FSLM tab. You should see that the current module status is “verification complete”. Facilities will have 10 days after the verification is completed to either finalize the verification or dispute the verification. If no action is taken after 10 days, the assessment will automatically be finalized.


  • You can review your FSLM and vFSLM. You can check below items:
  • Green: accurate response
  • Red: inaccurate response
  • Yellow: no response
  • Verifier information: verifier's comments or corrected response 
  • Verifier’s uploaded file: To view or download the uploaded documents, you must click the “Pop-ups” icon on the top right side of your browser and choose the option “Always allow pop-ups and redirects from” and then click “Done.” You will not be able to access the document uploads if you do not allow pop-ups for this page.


14) Finalize or dispute verified FSLM.

a. If you agree with the verified result, you can click “Finalized verified assessment”. Then the verifier will receive an email to notify him or her that the facility has finalized the verified assessment. 

b. If you disagree with the verified result, you can click “Dispute verification”. Then the verifier will receive an email to notify him or her that the facility has disputed the verification and VOO will get involved and handle the dispute process. After the dispute is finished and facility agrees the result, they can click "Finalized verified assessment" to inform the verifier. 

15) Download the verified FSLM. 

Facilities can go to "My Module" or "My Shared" section under the Modules tab of the FSLM section to check the status of FSLM modules. See a FSLM module’s SLCP Project ID, SLCP status, view, and download a verified FSLM in Excel.











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