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Below is a list of features and functionality that are current available on the platform as well as features that are not yet available, but coming soon. 

Features currently available on

Higg Facility Environmental Module

Completion Rate

  • Higg FEM Completion Rate Correction
    • The Higg FEM assessment now accurately calculates the questions required for customers to achieve a 100% completion rate, allowing them to successfully post modules.

Points & Scoring

  • Fixed wastewater septic question partial points scoring

User Experience

  • Higg FEM now allows the entry of  decimal points in numeric fields when customers report normalized baselines, reductions, etc.
  • EMS section questions 9 and 10 - Answering “Partial Yes” to these questions now properly reveals the related sub-questions
  • All the Fresh Water section sub-questions now appear properly

2018 Higg FEM Verification

  • 2018 Verified Higg FEM assessments are now in progress on

Completion Status

  • 2017 Higg vFEM properly indicates completion status: (i.e. VRF indicates a verification is finalized)

Verifier Responses

  • Verifier responses can now be seen directly in the Higg FEM assessment tab instead of only in the verifier pop-up window when the customer views Higg vFEM or Higg vFSLM on
  • Verification Body account owners and administrators may now successfully assign verifiers to Higg vFEM assessments


  • The Higg Index and Social & Labor Convergence Project have been updated for compatibility for the upcoming SLCP release.
  • Corrected Higg FSLM completion index inaccuracies.

General functionality

  • The bulk export has been updated to read previously incompatible characters
  • An account Owner may now request to join their existing company

Module Search • Request • Share

  • Parent account search fields no longer feature duplicates
  • The search feature can now find account names that are very short (i.e. 3 or fewer letters)

We have developed a new training guide for navigating the Modules page on This includes how to search and filter your modules list and definitions of the module status. Review the modules page training guide.

Features Coming Soon

  • Benchmarking (Higg FEM, vFEM, FSLM, and vFSLM)
  • Higg FEM calculations (standard units in Energy, Water, Waste and GHG calculations)
  • Bulk module accepting 
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