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Below is a list of features and functionality that are current available on the platform as well as features that are not yet available, but coming soon. SAC will update this list weekly. 

Features currently available on

  • Access an existing account
  • Register for a new account
  • Manage account profile
  • Manage user profile
  • Invite and manage users in My Teams (users that have access to your account)
  • Purchase modules (Higg FEM, vFEM, and FSLM)
  • (China and Sri Lanka only) Purchase vFSLM
  • Start and complete a 2018 Higg FEM
  • Start, complete, and post a 2018 Higg FSLM
  • View a list of "my modules" (modules owned by your account)
  • View lists of shared and requested modules (both 2017 and 2018 Higg FEM and FSLM)
  • Approve module request and share invitations
  • Send module request and share invitations 
  • Add additional accounts (after first account registered)
  • Bug fixed that was preventing users from seeing/purchasing premium package - please make sure the facility account address includes city and country to resolve.
  • Ability to track pending invitation and re-invite users in My Teams
  • SAC members can request to set up demo facility accounts. Contact support for access to this. 
  • (China and Sri Lanka only) link SLCP Gateway account 
  • (China and Sri Lanka only) purchase, start, complete Higg vFSLM
  • View and download 2017 Higg FEM data with corrected scoring (CSV) 
  •  Higg FEM final content updated (bugs fixed)
  • Ability to post 2018 Higg FEM
  • Sort and filter Modules page view (my modules, shared modules, etc.)
  • View and export shared posted 2018 modules (Higg FEM, FSLM, vFSLM)
  • (Released Feb 15) Higg FEM excel file for import/export (also to be used for verification temporarily)
  • (Released Feb 15) Access and post 2017 vFEM that were completed in excel Oct-Dec 
  • (Released Feb 15) Bug fix: submit verification for vFSLM & complete verification details form
  • (Released Feb 15) Bug fix: Posted modules displayed correctly as "Posted" on Modules page

Features coming in the next 1-2 weeks:

  • platform language translations - Delayed - expected by end of February
  • Start and complete a verified Higg FEM (vFEM) online and share with a verification body -Delayed - excel verification solution launched, but online verification needs another 1-2 weeks of testing before release. 

Features coming in Q1 2019:

  • Benchmarking (Higg FEM, vFEM, FSLM, and vFSLM)
  • Search for accounts using account name, account ID, and parent company
  • Send bulk module requests and shares
  • Modules status updated (started, completed, posted, verified, etc.)
  • My results dashboards (FEM and FSLM)
  • Account notifications (what has been recently updated in the account, e.g. modules, sharing, users, etc.)
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