Purchasing Higg Facility Modules

Process for purchasing modules:

SAC member manufacturers:

If you are unsure if your company is an SAC member, you can view a list of SAC members by visiting:

  • SAC member manufacturers do not need to purchase Higg Facility Module(s). The cost of modules is covered by annual membership dues. But SAC new members need to create your account on and SAC support team will approve your account within 3 business days.
  • To get your facility module(s), you need to click” SAC member request module” to submit a request to SAC support team, then your facility module will be activated in your account by SAC support team within 3-5 business days.
    • Note: Members planning to access Higg FSLM will first need to connect to their SLCP Gateway accounts. Please review the “Complete a Higg FSLM Guide” for instructions on connecting to the SLCP Gateway.

Non-Member Manufacturers

If you paid for a module during early registration:

If you already paid for a module during early registration, please click “Claim a Pre-purchased module” in your account home page and enter the invoice number you received at the time of purchase (in your email). Once payment is confirmed by the Higg Index support team, your module will be activated in your account in 3-5 business days.


If you have not yet registered for your 2018 Module:

  • Choose the module type you would like to purchase (single module, standard package and premium package) – Review what the packages and pricing are here.
    • FEM: Facility Environment Module
    • FSLM: Facility Social Labor Module
    • vFEM: Verified Facility Environment Module
    • vFSLM: Verified Facility Social Labor Module (only for facilities in China and Sri Lanka)

Facilities in China & Sri Lanka can purchase:

  • Single module (Choose 1 module): FEM or vFEM or FSLM or vFSLM
  • Standard Package (2 modules): (FEM + vFEM) or (FSLM + vFSLM)
  • Premium Package (4 modules): FEM + vFEM + FSLM+ vFSLM

Facilities in all other countries users can purchase:

  • Single module (Choose 1 module): FEM or vFEM or FSLM
  • Standard Package (2 modules): (FEM + vFEM)
  • Premium Package (3 modules): FEM + vFEM + FSLM

  • Once you select which modules to purchase, you can to select your payment method. You can pay through credit card or wire transfer. Alipay and Wechat payment methods will be added as payment methods in late November 2018.

Credit card payment process:

  • Enter your credit card information and click the blue button “Purchase”. Once the payment is done, you will be able to see and edit your purchased module(s) immediately. If you don’t see your modules(s), please contact support at org/request.
    • Note: To access a FSLM, you must connect to the SLCP gateway first. Please refer to the “Starting a Higg FSLM guide” and learn how to connect with SLCP gateway for details.

Wire transferring payment process:

  • If you cannot pay by credit card you can download an invoice and pay by wire transfer. Click “Pay by Wire Transfer” to generate an invoice for the module(s) selected.

  • You will receive the invoice via email. If you do not receive the invoice, please contact support at org/request.
  • Take the invoice to the bank and initiate the wire transfer. IMPORTANT: You MUST include your Invoice Number on your wire transfer form, otherwise the payment will be rejected because SAC cannot identify who the payment is coming from.

  • SAC will process your payment within in 2-3 weeks. You will see the payment status for your selected facility module(s) indicated as “Payment in progress” on the account home page. That means that SAC hasn’t received your payment yet.

  • Once your payment is received and confirmed, you will receive an email with a paid invoice receipt from the SAC payment system. The Higg Index support team will activate your purchased modules(s) in your account once the payment has been received. If your module status shows “Payment in Progress” after 4 weeks, please contact Higg Index support at org/request

Important Note:

  • To start Higg FSLM, you need to first connect to your SLCP gateway account. For instructions on starting Higg FSLM please review the Complete a Higg FSLM guide.
  • If you pay for Higg FSLM by wire transfer, the Higg Index support team will activate your module in your account within 3-5 business days after confirming that you have made the connection between and SLCP gateway.
  • If you have purchased a vFSLM, the module will be available in your account in December 2018. If you have purchased a vFEM, the module will be available in your account in January 2019 when verification functionality launches.
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