Account Registration and Password Resetting (with Video Guide)

In this guidance, you will learn:

  • How to create a new user profile 
  • How to create a new account 
  • How to join an existing account
  • How to reset your password 


Visit to register for the Higg Index

  • Every new Higg users, including new SAC members, need to register their accounts on the platform:
    • Note: Do not register on the Higg Index training website:




If you are new to the Higg Index and need to set up a new account

If you need to register for a new account, click “Don’t Have an Account? Create an Account”. Complete all required information in the registration form. Details for completing each section are outlined below.

Please check the link to watch the video guide: 


1.  Enter your user profile information:

You will first be asked to enter your user information and password. After completing the information, click “Create” to go to the next step.



2.  Search for or add your Company Account

Next you will be asked to either search for your company name or create a new company account.

  • First search for your company account (Account name or Higg ID number) to make sure it is not already set up in the system.
  • If you find your existing account, select it and click “Join this account”. Your request will be approved by the account owner (the user who set up the account). Once they approve your registration, you will be able to login.
  • If you do not find your account or you never had an account, click “Create company” to register a new company account.

3.  Create A New Company Account (If your organization doesn't have an account in 

  • Once you click “Create company”, enter in all the correct information about your account in English in the form and hit “Create company” to submit your account information.
    • Company name: Each account should represent an individual factory or business. Enter your company name in English.
    • SAC member: Switch to yes if you are a member of the SAC. If you are not sure if you are an SAC member, please see a full list of SAC members please visit,
    • Parent Company: Search for your parent company name, you will be able to see a dropdown list and select your parent company. If you don’t find your parent company, you can enter your parent company in the field.
    • Company address: you must enter in English and  include city and country in your company address. If you enter a very detailed address, the system will require you to enter city and country information. 
    • Account Type: Choose your account type:
      • Facility: Manufacturers/Factories that will complete the Higg Facility Modules. (You must select facility to have access to Facility Modules)
      • Brand: Brands and retailers
      • Verification Body: Organizations accredited to conduct verification
      • Other: Sourcing agents, vendors, NGO’s, and other SAC member organizations that do not need to complete modules.
    • Organization Affiliation: you can select multiple options.
      • OIA: if you are a member of Outdoor Industry Association (OIA)
      • Higg SME Access: Higg SME means Small & Medium Enterprise Brands/Retailers that have subscribed to access the Higg Index, but they are not SAC members.
      • Not Applicable: neither OIA nor Higg SME Access.

4.  Review and Approve Accounts 

  • After submitting the account registration, you will be able to access your account and navigate the platform features such as purchasing module immediately without any waiting time after clicking Accepting Terms. 


        Accept the terms above and it will direct you to the facility modules home page. From here you can use your account with full functionality. 


  • Higg Index support team will review your account information, and they find that your account is not eligible to be set up in, we will inform you to deactivate your account. 


5. Reset Account Password

  • After you have set up your account you can click “Login” to access your account. If you forgot your password, click “Forgot Password” and you will be emailed a password reset link.




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