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Account Management Overview

Higg Index Home Page

When you first log into you will land on the home page. You can always go back to the home page by clicking the Higg Index logo at the top of the page.

My Team

Invite and manage users that have access to your account by going to the “My Team” tab

 You will see the following views on the My Team page:

  • Pending Invitations: users that you have invited into your account that haven’t accepted the invitation and logged in.
  • Pending Approval: users who are requesting access to your account but haven’t been approved or declined yet.
  • Invite New User: click to invite a new user to your company account. You will need to assign the user’s role as Admin or Editor:
    • Admin: Admins can start, complete, and post modules, manage the account, invite new users, and manage sharing relationships. Each account can have multiple admins (as many as needed).
    • Editor: Editors can only edit in-progress modules within the account. Editors cannot post or un-post modules or request or share a module.


Managing your Account(s)

If you click your name at the top right of the page, you will see a dropdown list of all accounts you have access to

  • Select the account you want to access and manage, and it will log you into that account.
  • At the bottom of the list you will see links to Training Materials, Account Profile and User Profile.
  • To log out of your account click “Sign Out”
  • The “Add Account” feature to add additional accounts will become available by the end of November 2018.

1. Training Materials:

Click “Training Materials” to access Higg Index training materials on such as platform guidance and demo videos, Higg FEM & FSLM content training, and verification training

2. Account Profile

Review and edit account information

  • You can manage and edit the following information in Account Profile: account address, parent company and change account photo.
  • You cannot edit the following information: Account name, account ID, Higg ID, SLCP facility ID, SAC membership, account type, organization type, affiliation.
  • Contact Higg Index support at if you need to request an edit to any of the following information:
    • Account name
    • Account type
    • Organization type
    • Affliction
    • SAC membership

3. User Profile

Review and edit your user information

  • You can edit your name and phone number
  • You cannot edit your email address
    • Contact Higg Index support at if you need to request a change to your email address.

4. Translating to Other Languages

Language translation of the platform will be available by the end of 2018. SAC will add 8 language translations: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Serbian, Turkish, Spanish and Italian.

  • However, note that the responses to questions entered by users into the module should be completed in in English.
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