Complete a Higg FEM Self-assessment

Starting and Completing Higg FEM 

Facilities that have successfully set up accounts on may then start their 2018 Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM). To get started with your module, you have a few options to access your module from the home page.

 SAC Members will see different options on the home screen than Non-member Higg Users:

Non-member Facility Users:

The first time you log into your account you will see the following options on the FEM home page:


Purchase a FEM: If you only plan to complete the FEM self-assessment, you can choose this purchasing option. If you want to do the verification for the completed FEM self-assessment, you can also purchase a single vFEM later. You must have a FEM self-assessment first and then you can purchase a single vFEM. 

Purchase FEM/vFEM Bundle: If you plan to complete the FEM self-assessment and verification, you can choose this purchasing option. 

Purchase Premium Access (CN/SL/TW/ND): If you are located in China/Taiwan/Sri Lanka/India areas and plan to complete FEM, vFEM, FSLM and vFSLM, you can choose this purchasing option because vFSLM is only available in these 4 countries currently. 

Premium Access (Other countries): If you are located other countries, out of China/Taiwan/Sri Lanka/India areas and plan to complete FEM, vFEM and FSLM, you can choose this purchasing option. 

For payment process, you can refer to the the Payment Guide

 If you paid module but haven't received the module in your account:

  • Click “Claim a Pre-Purchased Module” and submit your invoice number. The invoice was emailed do you as a receipt for your module payment when you made the purchase.
  • The Higg Index support team will receive your request to claim your module and will activate the modules you paid for within your account within 5 business days. If you do not see a module within your account after 5 business days, please contact

SAC Member Manufacturers

If you are unsure if your company is an SAC member, you can view a list of SAC members by visiting:

The first time you log into your account you will see the following option on the home page:


  • First go to the “FEM” tab at the top of the screen to confirm you do not already have a Higg FEM ready to edit.
  • If you do not see a Higg FEM to edit, send a request to get your module:
  • SAC manufacturer members do NOT need pay for any facility modules including verified modules. The module payment fee has been already included in your membership dues.
  • Higg Index Support will activate a Higg FEM in your account within 5 business days.

Once you have activated your Higg FEM

  1. Click on the “FEM” tab at the top of the page
  2. Select “Edit FEM” – this will open your 2018 assessment



Navigating the Higg FEM

FEM home page dashboard information review

  • Purchasing FEM: Purchasing information
  • Module status and information. If the module status is NS, it means that you haven't started the module yet. You can access your FEM 2018 through “Edit FEM”
  • Verification Steps : the next steps for this assessment verification. For example, "selecting the verifying body or changing the verifying body".  
  • Assessment Progress: the steps after this FEM self-assessment or verification is completed. The step highlighted in blue is the step that is available to do now. Once you have had the FEM in your account, you can share the FEM module with other accounts. 


1. Completing the Higg FEM online 

  • You must complete the FEM in English. 
  • After clicking "Edit FEM" button, the first time you open your module, you will automatically start with the “Site Info Permits” section. You will need to complete the “Site Info Permits” section first before moving on to other sections of the module.
  • You can quickly and easily navigate between the different sections of the module using the navigation on the left side of the page. Click on a section to jump to that part of the module. 


  • You can see your overall progress (questions answered) in completing your module and each section in the left-side panel.


  • The bars below the section will show which level was achieved in that section. Level achievement means that all of the practices asked about in that level have either been fully or partially implemented. 


  • You can click "Additional Filters" on the top bar to find out the unanswered questions. 



2. Rules of completing the FEM:

1). Completing Level 1 questions first

  • In Higg FEM, you must meet Level 1 practices (can answer "Yes" or "Partial Yes" to all Level 1 questions) before you can move on to Level 2 or Level 3 questions. You will not be able to view or answer Level 2 or Level 3 questions unless you have implemented practices from all Level 1 questions. This ensures basic practices, such as compliance and tracking, are established before moving on to more advanced practices.
  • If you have met all Level 1 practices, then Level 2 and Level 3 questions will appear once you finalize Level 1 questions.
  • If you have not met all Level 1 practices, then you will end at Level 1 for that section of the module and can proceed to the next section.


2). Completing the applicable questions

  • Facilities must answer all applicable questions in Higg FEM to complete the assessment.
  • Many questions will have a ‘?’ symbol next to the question. If you click on this, you will view the question hint which will provide more information about the question. For complete guidance for each question in the Higg FEM, please review the FEM How to Higg Guide.

  • Many question hints will list “suggested uploads”. These are recommended documents that support the answer to the question that will be reviewed during verification. You can upload such documents by clicking on the document icon next to the question. Suggested uploads are NOT required complete the assessment question, but may be checked if verification is completed. 

  • Other questions may require document uploads. If that is the case, you will see a separate question where you can upload the file. If you click on the ‘?’ hint, you will see additional information on the files required for upload.


3). Completion Index

  • You must make sure that your FEM completion rate is over 95% so you can post the FEM. You can check your FEM completion rate on the FEM home page or in the FEM. 



3. Completing the Higg FEM offline: Exporting/Importing Modules

A module may be exported into an excel file, worked on in the excel file, and then re-imported into the platform. To do this:

1). Export the module into excel by going to the Modules page, locating the current assessment under "My Modules" and clicking the "Excel" to download the file.


2). Or you can download the excel file on the FEM home page. 


This will download your current assessment responses into an excel file. The file may take a minute or two to download. 

Open the excel file to work on the module. Make sure to save as you update module responses. 

Once you're done with update the file completely, save the file and close it down fully. It will ask you to "save the data for import" and you'll click "yes". This will make sure your updated responses are ready to import into the platform.

To import your updated module:

Open the current Higg FEM in the platform and find the "Import Module" button on the blue left-side panel. A pop up will open and you can select your saved excel file for import. 


Note: when you import an excel assessment, you will override any responses you had previously entered in the online assessment (the system will transfer only the responses in the excel file).


4. Posting Modules:

All applicable questions must be answered in order to post your module. Once you have answered all the required questions you will see the button to “Post Module” in the left blue bar. You must make sure that your FEM completion rate is over 95% so you can post the FEM. 

Or you can see the "Post Module" option on the FEM home page. 


To check your posting status, you can go to "My Modules" on the modules page. Clicking "View" to access your module online and you will also see the "Post Module" button in the module. 


Posting your module locks all your responses and allows your connections to view your posted module. Connections cannot view your module until the module is posted. Once you post the module, you can still unpost the module to edit it but you can't repost it. So make sure that you review and double check your data before posting it. 


Training and Support

For complete guidance on how to accurately respond to every question in the Higg FEM, please review the FEM How to Higg Guide.

  • The Higg FEM How to Higg Guide provides information for every question in the Higg FEM. For every question, the guide will explain:
    • The intent of the question (what is the purpose of the question?)
    • Any technical guidance or resource links to help answer that question
    • Information on how the question will be verified (documentation required, what will be asked, what will be inspected)
  • The How to Higg guide will be translated into multiple languages by the end of 2018. Please click the “English” Language link at the top of the page to switch to a different language.


Additional training materials about the Higg FEM content and structure can be found on




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