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The Sustainable Apparel Coalition consistently strives to create better Higg Index tools and to offer you the best user experience. Through a recent process of review and updates, we discovered several scoring discrepancies in the 2017 Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM) assessment. These errors do not affect the module responses but do affect the scoring for certain sections. SAC has been working to correct these errors and has implemented the changes outlined below in the exports available now on

Note: With the release of the corrected exports on please discontinue your use of the 2017 Higg FEM data platform ( as the data on this site is now incorrect. This site will be taken down in the coming 1-2 weeks. 

These errors were a result of the Higg FEM scores allocated to applicability pathways. Facilities receive scores for questions that apply to their operations; these are then calculated to create a section score, which informs the overall Higg FEM score. Errors in how these scores were calculated for the various pathways may have resulted in scoring discrepancies for particular questions or sections.

Please note that all question response data (the actual answers to the module questions) is correct across all exports; this is solely a scoring issue that affects certain modules and specific sections of the module.

Scoring Corrections Outline 
(fixed as of January 2019)

For a complete overview of question scoring please review the Higg FEM Scoring System Guide

Site Information

  • If answered "no" or "unknown" to "Does your facility have a valid operating license" (sipvalidoperatinglicense) then zero score across the whole module. 


  • Each EMS Level 2 question (questions 7 and 8) are 25 points each.
  • Each EMS Level 3 question (questions 9-12) are 6.25 points each unless "not applicable" is selected for question 10. If "not applicable" selected, then each level 3 question is worth 8.33 points.


  • Level 1, question 1 tracking questions (ensourcetrackopt,  watsources,  wstsourcenh,  wstsourceh): full points for tracking all sources, half points for tracking some sources, no points for not tracking sources. 
  • Facilities that are low water risk/use applicability only need to answer Water question 1. In this case the question is worth 100 points for tracking all sources, 50 points for tracking some sources, and 0 points for not tracking sources. 


  • Note the wastewater has the most applicability combinations. Anywhere there is no score listed (blank) means that question was not applicable to that facility.
  • Question 1 (wwtrack) is now a combination of what used to be question 1-3. Depending on the applicability a facility would complete the tracking information for industrial, domestic, or combined wastewater, and scored for question 1 accordingly.
  • The wastewater standards question (wwstandard) is now question 7 and located in Level 2. All wastewater standards asked about in this question are scored the same amount of points if the facility reports meeting all the required parameters. 
  • As a result of above changes the question numbers and scores per question have been adjusted. Please review the chart for wastewater scoring in the Higg FEM Scoring System Guide.

Air Emissions

  • Facilities will score points for question 1 (airsourceopstrack) if no operations emissions are unregulated or out of compliance (and they will not be asked to fill out the emissions tracking table).
  • Previous module version was inappropriately unlocking and scoring level 2-3 questions. All level 1 practices must be implemented before scoring any points in level 2-3. 

Bulk Export Structure Reference Guide (download using link below):

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