2017 Higg FEM: Accessing Shared Document Uploads


In the 2017 Higg FEM Data Portal, you can review and download select uploaded documents for each module. To ensure security and protect privacy, not all uploaded documents are available. Only permits and select performance improvement plan documents are available to view and download.


  1. To access the 2017 Higg FEM Data Portal, visit login using your login credentials.




  1. Once you login, you will see the list of the accounts you belong to. Click the “+” to see the shared modules of each account.




  1. You will see an attachment icon next to each individual module. Click the icon to view the uploaded documents for this module. 



  1. In the uploaded document list, there are two categories: Permits and Other Files. You will see the description of the document and the related document link, which you can click to download the file. Some questions may have multiple documents uploaded.



  1. To view or download the uploaded documents, you must click the “Pop-ups” icon on the top right side of your browser and choose the option “Always allow pop-ups and redirects from” and then click “done.” You will not be able to access the document uploads if you do not allow pop-ups for this page.



  1. Click the documents you want to view or download.



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