Higg FEM 2017 Data Export Training & Reference Guide

Navigating the 2017 Higg FEM Data Portal

1. To access the 2017 Higg FEM Data Portal please go to and login using your login credentials


2. Once you login you will see a list of the accounts you belong to. If you are only using one account, you will only see one account listed. 


3. To download the complete bulk Higg FEM export, click the CSV icon to the right of your account name. This download will include your module data (if you work for a facility) and/or all posted modules that have been shared with your account. This is the recommended export for users trying to analyze multiple modules at once. 


4. Click the + sign next to your account to view individual modules. This will open a list of individual modules (either your own 2017 Higg FEM and/or all shared and posted 2017 Higg FEM). You can click on the info icon to view more information about a specific account in the list. You can also search for an account name or account id number if you're searching for a specific module.


5. You will see two export icons next to each module.



If you click the CSV icon, it will download the data for that individual module into the bulk CSV format. This will display all module data in one horizontal row.

     Screenshot_2018-09-25_20.06.37.png If you click on the Excel icon, it will download the module into the single module excel export. This is a more user-friendly excel version of the Higg FEM. The file includes all module responses, scoring information, and the ability to create a copy of the module for verification. This is the recommended export for analyzing an individual module.


Understanding the Higg FEM Single Module Excel Export

Once you download the Higg FEM excel export, you will be prompted to do the following:

1. Enable Macros - please make sure to click "Enable Macros" for all the file features to work properly


2. Import the module data - please click "yes" to import the module data. (If you do not click "yes", you will download an empty module)


3. Carefully review the Higg FEM Excel Terms of Use


Once you have completed your steps you can do the following:

  • Review total and sections scores on the General Information tab
  • Review question responses and question scoring in each of the module tabs (e.g. EMS)

If you are conducting verification:

1. A Higg Index Verifier may export a module into the single module excel file and click "Create Verification Copy" on the General Information tab to convert the module into verification mode. 


2. This will open a copy of the self-assessment with a section to enter in verifier comments and the ability to adjust module answers as needed during verification. 


3. Any question where a verifier leaves a comment will automatically get transferred to the the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) tab. (This tab only appears in verification mode) The facility and verifier should work together to complete the PIP.


4. Once the verification is complete, users can compare self-assessment and verified module results on the Answer Comparison tab


5. Please be aware that for the 2017 vFEM, this excel file cannot be uploaded to automatically update vFEM responses online on Any updated questions in a vFEM must still be manually entered through the online vFEM on 

Understanding the Higg FEM Bulk CSV Export:

The Bulk CSV includes 3 key sections of information in the following order:

  • Account information
  • 2017 Higg FEM scoring results for total, section, level, and question scores
  • All module response data (answers to module questions)

Please use the reference excel file attached below to understand what the column headers in the bulk export are referring to. 

A few things to be aware of when using the bulk export:

  • The sections of the module may be out of order. Please use the reference guide attached below and the column headers to identify which section of data you are looking at within the module. 
  • Energy Level 3 is un-scored and will not show up in the scoring section
  • The chemicals section does not have question-level scoring for technical data structure reasons
  • If you are looking for the Site Info Permits section, look for the column headers starting with "sip" (e.g. sipindustrysector, sipfacilitytype, etc.)
  • "Null" means the question or section was not applicable/visible to that facility

Please use the reference guide attached below to understand what the column headers in the bulk export are referring to (note there are three tabs):

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