New Higg Index Support Handbook

To support your ongoing Higg Index adoption efforts, we have created the Higg Index Support Handbook with three languages (attached with English, Chinese and Japanese versions). This new guide will support SAC members and Higg Index users to best navigate the updated platform.

The handbook offers technical solutions for completing Higg Index modules, securing SAC support, and it features information about currently available features as well as upcoming ones. The goal of the handbook is to offer clear guidance that facilitates completion of the Higg Index and saves adopters and users time.

The handbook features three sections. You can click the catalog on the page 2, which will take you directly to the topic listed. 

  • Part 1: The Higg Index platform implementation process guidance
  • Part 2: Troubleshooting common Higg Index platform issue
  • Part 3: Support from the SAC

Highlights include:

  • Flowcharts outlining processes
  • Screenshots clearly depicting processes on the platform
  • Detailed guidance for completing the Higg Index successfully


To view the English, Chinese or Japanese version of handbook , please click the link below: 

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