Summary of How to Higg Guide Changes


  • Question 12: Verification guidance corrected

 Energy, Water, Waste:

  • “Setting targets” questions: Scoring clarification that full/partial points are automatically calculated in the tool based on which sources are reported.


  • Question 6: Clarification that reductions reported should be from the last calendar year


  • Question 1 & 2: Guidance clarification for each question to be specific to industrial (question 1) or domestic wastewater (question 2).
  • Question 7: Hazardous sludge testing is not mandatory
  • Question 11: Recycle and reuse made more clear


  • Question 5: Question text edited to match online tool
  • Question 6: Small clarifying edits made to guidance


  • Question 1: Note added that uploading all SDS into online tool is not required
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