Verification Process – Verifiers

Please review the following information outlining Higg FEM verification for verifiers.  

1. Review all Standard Operating Procedures for Higg FEM verification at > Trainings > Verification


2. To become a Higg FEM verifier, begin your application by visiting:

3. If eligible, you must enroll in the required learning plan (a learning plan consists of several of courses) and pass an exam to become a Higg FEM verifier. The total time needed to complete the learning plan varies per person; generally, course takers can expect to dedicate up to 40 hours to the coursework including computer time, independent study/reading, and the exam.

4. Once you are a Higg FEM verifier, confirm the verification type and date with facility to be verified. This step happens offline and is not facilitated by the SAC or the Verification Program Manager.

5. Pay the $185 fee to post verified Higg FEM data for each factory site:

  • Once you pass your exam, Higg Support will email you 20 coupon codes (e.g., VERIFIER2018xyz123, VERIFIER2018abc789, etc).
  • You must email ONE coupon code to each facility you will verify. The facility will then invite you to its account to start the verification process.
  • Once a month, the SAC will invoice your organization for all used coupon codes.
  • If you need more coupon codes, email to request additional codes.
  • NOTE: You MUST complete this step to gain access to the facility’s Higg FEM prior to verification. If you do not take this step, you cannot access a facility’s Higg FEM self-assessment results.

6. Conduct the verification (onsite or offsite)

  • You will be provided with a blank copy of the Higg FEM Verification tool (in Excel). You may use this to track revisions/notes during your verification process.
  • Soon, will enable you to download this tool directly from the factory’s account, complete with its self-assessment data.


7. Within 10 business days after completing each verification, log into, click on the Higg Index logo at the top of the page and click on the account for the facility you are verifying. (Reminder: the facility must first take the step of creating its vFEM and adding you as the verifier to access their account.)


8. Click My Modules to start the verification for that factory site.


9. Click “Edit Module” to begin recording results.


10. When you begin, all sections of the vFEM will be indicated “incomplete” by grey bars.


11. As you confirm/update each section’s results, slide the “Finalize Level” bar to lock your results and indicate the verification for this section is complete.


12. Once all sections are finalized, the vFEM is complete. You must email the factory (manually, using your own email account) to confirm that verification is complete. It is up to the factory to proceed with “posting” the final result.


If you have any questions during this process, contact

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