Module Scoring & Viewing Shared Module Scores

Scoring my module:

You can view your module score after you have posted your module. To view your score, go to the “Dashboards” page.


Your module score results (total score and section scores) should immediately appear when you go to the dashboard. Make sure that you have selected the correct module:

  • The total score is a weighted average of the seven sections (each section worth 14.3%)



For more information on how Higg FEM scoring works please review the Higg FEM: Scoring and Applicabilities guide.


Viewing shared module scores:

To view module score results (total and section scores) of modules shared with your account, go to the “Dashboards” page.



Select the “Shared Facilities” view from the left menu and click the arrow to expand the section:


Click “Overall Score” to view total scores or click on a specific section to view section scores.

  • The total score is a weighted average of the seven sections (each section worth 14.3%) 

Hover over each bar to view the name of the account and associated score:


View the full list of accounts that are sharing their posted modules with you by expanding the “Facilities” list


Note: You will not be able to export this list of facilities in the “Dashboards” view. To extract the list of facilities, you must export this information from the “Sharing” page by going to the “Shared Modules” section. (This sharing export feature is still being developed) 

Module exports and benchmarking (including filters) are separate features that are not yet available. We will notify all users once these features launch.

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