How long does it take to complete a module? 

Module completion takes 3 to 6 weeks, on average. The SAC provides a 6-month completion timeline allowing sufficient time for module completion in any supported language. 


Can I receive partial credit for in-progress work in my factory?

Yes. Several questions have "partial yes" answer options, which allows a facility to get credit for making progress. However, we did not allow for partial points where we were unable to objectively define what counts for "partial" achievement. This is to reduce the number of subjective decisions that are left up to verifiers. All expectations must be clearly defined for both facilities and verifiers to follow.


Will my work on Higg FEM/FSLM be saved?

Your module will automatically save your answers as you complete the questions. This is important to avoid losing work due to slow internet connections. But we also suggest that you choose a good internet condition when you are working on the modules online or uploading your modules. 


Which Higg FEM sections have applicability tests?

Water, Wastewater, Air, and Chemicals have applicability tests:

  • Wastewater has 8 categories for various combinations of onsite/offsite treatment and domestic/industrial wastewater. 
  • Water has 2 categories: heavy/high risk water users and light/low risk water users. 
  • Air has 4 categories: no emissions to air, production emissions only, operation emissions only, and both operations and production emissions. 
  • Chemicals has 2 categories: use chemicals in production processes (e.g., leather tanning) and do not use chemicals in production processes (e.g., cut and sew).


What does it mean if a section is not applicable? Does it affect level and overall score? 

Not all sections of the FEM are applicable to all facilities. If a section is not applicable, the facility will not have to fill out the questions in that section. 

The facility receives a Level 1 with a score of 100. Level 2 and 3 are not open to complete as they are not relevant for the facility, and therefore a completion of Level 1 with all ‘yes’ or ‘partial yes’ answers is the full completion of the section. 


What is the purpose of the suggested upload?

Suggested uploads reflect requirements for verification. The purpose of these suggestions is to prepare a factory for verification by suggesting supporting documents that will be requested. 


What if two factories are located in the same place and have only one water meter for two factories? Can we have one account for two factories?

Factories should setup one account and complete one module per site.


Definition of Facility Site: A single functional unit of an organization or a combination of units situated at one locality under one ownership, which is geographically distinct from other units of the same organization. Sites may be part of the same organization or independent legal entities. The facility site is: 

  • Responsible for the transformation of a raw material into finished apparel and footwear for consumption
  • An integral part along the apparel/footwear supply chain by providing and utilizing material for further processing
  • Manufacturing, assembling, dyeing and finishing of a material, component, product along the apparel/footwear supply chain
  • The facility in which a production or processing operation is taking place, or at which control or ownership of the raw material and products occurs.

Typical examples of activities at facility sites are:

  • Apparel: ginning, spinning, weaving/knitting, dyeing/printing, finishing, packaging, etc.
  • Footwear: cutting, embroidering, screen printing, lasting, buffing, curing, packaging, etc.
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