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How are accounts set up in the updated

A Higg Index account should represent a specific facility site or business unit. If you own 5 factories, you will need to set an account for each facility (total of 5 accounts). You can use the same user login to set up these accounts and switch between them easily.

Once you’ve set up your account(s) on, you can login and go to the top right side, click your name and it will show all the accounts that you are a part of.  At the bottom of the list you can click “account profile” and/or “user profile” to access your account and user information.

In the “account profile”, you can only change your account address and parent company name. The other information such as account name, account type, and SAC membership cannot be changed. If you need to make change to any of these fields, please contact Higg Index support (

In “user profile” you can only change your phone number, first, and last name. If you want to change your email address, please contact Higg Index support (

The ability to add a new additional account from within an existing account will be available in late November 2018.

How will Parent Companies be set up in the new platform?

A parent company is a field/tag entered in the registration form for a facility account (or updated in Account Settings) and will not be a separate account, therefore will not need to pay. The contacts from the parent company will need to be added to all owned facility accounts (but will still be able to do cross-analytics on all their facilities using the "parent company" tag).

Will SAC talk to my IT security team?

We do not have the staff resources to do individual calls. We will instead provide office hours for IT staff that have questions. We encourage specific questions to be sent to us so we can provide answers here.

Will the old facility ID number carry over into the new platform?

Yes, anyone who had an existing account in will have the same facility ID number as long as they select the facility from the account search in the registration form. 

Do the same user role functions still apply for users within brands and retailer accounts, as well as for brand modules?


Will a factory that is not owned by a vendor (e.g. a contractor) be able to be shared with multiple vendors they work with?

Yes, the facility can choose to either set up contacts from each vendor company as users within their account or simply share their posted module with the vendors.

How do we ensure that facilities are not entered in multiple times in the tool?

We are addressing this in a few ways:

a) there will be a facility account search in the registration form to search for existing facility accounts

b) Higg support will be approving all account registrations, so if we see someone is trying to create a duplicate account we will decline the registration and point them to the existing account.

c) If you notice any accidental duplicate accounts in the system please contact

Can a vendor create an account in and create a module for a contracted facility?

No a vendor cannot set up an account for a facility they do not own. The factory must set up it's own account.

Is it possible to grant access to someone for one facility and not for another?

Yes. Each facility has its own account. 

Can the one factory have multiple parent companies?

Only one parent company can be selected.

If there is a parent company that owns many facilities, should they register under one account, or individually?

Yes. 1 account = 1 facility site. In the registration form, you can set a parent company as a field. Each facility should set up its own account and identify its parent company. This will enable cross analytics across those accounts.

How do I integrate with my existing system?

Your account information including My Team, connections, and 2017 Higg FEM data will be transferred to the updated platform.

How should vendors/agents who do not own facilities set up their accounts?

Sourcing agent/vendors will follow the same process as brands/retailers or manufacturers to create their accounts on When creating their account they will select the account type as ‘Other’ and organization type as ‘sourcing agent/vendor’. Vendors/agents must pay for their account  in order to connect with brands/retailers and manufacturers and request modules.

If sourcing agents and vendors do not need to complete a module, why do they have to pay for access?

Sourcing agents and vendors pay to access because they utilize platform features and technology. Although sourcing agents/vendors do not complete the facility modules, they use the platform  to connect and track their facility’s progress and performance, can view and download shared modules, and access facility module benchmarking. 

How do main vendors manage their self-owned factories and use the connect function?

By December 2018, a parent company (main office) will be able to create a separate account on in order to connect with their child accounts and track module progress. The parent company will connect with the factories that they own by requesting a module on the module sharing page. Once connected they can monitor progress, and after the modules have been posted, access results and benchmarking. 

What are the different user roles and permissions?

There are two types of users: admin and editor. Admins can invite new users, request, share, edit, and post modules, and access exports and benchmarking. An editor can only edit a module, not post. If users want to change their role, please contact SAC support team (  

Can users have multiple roles?

No, a user can only have one role in per account. If users want to change their role, please contact SAC support team (

What about vertically integrated companies, such as a brand that also owns factories. How should they register?

Brands that own factories will need to create separate accounts for the brand and for the factories. The registration process is the same as any other facility. Since brands using the Higg Index are SAC members or SME non-member brands, their owned factories do not need to pay for modules, as it is covered by their dues. They will need to create a separate “Facility” account type account for every factory they own. Once the accounts are set up they can click “Claim a pre-purchased module” on and send a request to activate their module. SAC support team will review and activate the requested facility modules for their account(s).  

How do you manage an account for an owned factory vs. a contracted factory?

 Whether a facility is owned or contracted, they will need to create their own account on If you are a brand or vendor who owns a factory(s), you have to create separate accounts for each facility that you own. One account represents one factory.

The brand or vendor that creates an owned facility account is also the owner of the account. The owner of an owned facility account can invite users and editors to join the account, as well as work on the facility modules.

If a brand or vendor has contracted factories (that they do not own), they may not set up an account on behalf of those facilities.The primary facility contact needs to set up their own Higg account. After the contracted facility has set up their account, the brand or vendor can request that the facility share their module with them. Once shared, the brand or vendor will be able to track and monitor their contracted facility’s  module status and view/download the module results after the module is posted.

Since Higg FEM and Higg FSLM is only visible to facilities, will there be an Excel file available for brands and other accounts to use in order to become familiar with the Higg Facility Modules?

There will be a separate “staging platform” for SAC members and SME non-member brands to view and interact with Higg FEM and Higg FSLM by the end of 2018. Brands can also download a PDF of the Higg FEM questions in the English on the SAC website: They can also view all of the Higg FEM questions in English and other languages on the How to Higg guide:

For Higg FSLM, you can download all assessment questions in English and Chinese from the SLCP resources link on the SLCP gateway website:

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