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How are accounts set up in the new

In the new each individual factory will be set up as a separate account. There will no longer be "profiles" as there were in the old platform. 1 factory = 1 account. Facility accounts can be connected together by entering in a "Parent Company" in the registration form or via "Account Settings."

How will Parent Companies be set up in the new platform?

Parent company will just be a field/tag entered in the registration form for a Facility Account (or updated in Account Settings), and will not be a separate account, therefore will not need to pay. The contacts from the parent company will need to be added to all owned facility accounts (but will still be able to do cross-analytics on all their facilities using the "parent company" tag).

Will SAC talk to my IT security team?

We do not have the staff resources to do individual calls. We will instead provide office hours for IT staff that have questions. We encourage specific questions to be sent to us so we can provide answers here.

How do I integrate with my existing system?

All data can be exported into common export formats for integration into your business systems. In the future (2018 and beyond) we will support APIs. 

Will the old facility ID number carry over into the new platform?

Yes, anyone who had an existing account in will have the same facility ID number as long as they select the facility from the account search in the registration form.

How should vendors/agents who do not own facilities set up their accounts?

These types of accounts will select "other" for the account type in the registration form. "Other" account types will not start/post modules but still be able to request/view shared modules from their connections. Please note that "Other" Account Types will not be fully functional until January 2018. 

How do main vendors manage their self-owned factories together and use the connect function?

Each facility should create it's own account since each will be completing a facility module. In the registration form, the facilities can select their parent company. The individuals from the parent company will need to be added to all owned facility accounts (but will still be able to do cross-analytics on all their facilities using the "parent company" tag).

What are the different user roles and permissions?

There are three user roles within an account: admins, editors, and verifiers.
Admins: can manage account settings, invite new users into the account, start/post modules, request and approve connections, access benchmarking, etc. An account can have multiple admins (as many as you'd like)
editors: Can only view and edit an "in progress" module with the account. They cannot change account settings, see/approve connections or access benchmarking.

Verifiers: Can only view and verify posted modules within the account that they're invited to. They cannot view/change account settings, see/approve connections or access benchmarking.

Only the account admins can invite and set these user roles within their account. 

Can users have multiple roles?

Users cannot have multiple roles within one account, but a user can be part of many accounts and have a different role in each account. For example, I can be an admin in Facility A's account but an editor for Facility B's account.

Do the same user role functions still apply for users within brands and retailer accounts, as well as for brand modules?


Will a factory that is not owned by a vendor (e.g. a contractor) be able to be shared with multiple vendors they work with?

Yes, the facility can choose to either set up contacts from each vendor company as users within their account or simply share their posted module with the vendors.

How do we ensure that facilities are not entered in multiple times in the tool?

We are addressing this in a few ways:

a) there will be a facility account search in the registration form to search for existing facility accounts

b) Higg support will be approving all account registrations, so if we see someone is trying to create a duplicate account we will decline the registration and point them to the existing account.

c) If you notice any accidental duplicate accounts in the system please contact

Can a vendor create an account in and create a module for a contracted facility?

No a vendor cannot set up an account for a facility they do not own. The factory must set up it's own account.

What about vertically integrated companies, such as a brand that also owns factories. How should it register?

If you are a brand that owns facilities, you will need to create separate accounts for your brand(s) and facilities. As a user in each account, you will be able to login and toggle/switch between your brand and facility accounts. If all these accounts have the same Parent Company, you will be able to run cross benchmarking/analytics for all your accounts using the Parent Company filter. 

Is it possible to grant access to someone for one facility and not for another?

Yes. Each facility has its own account. 

Can the one factory have multiple parent companies?

Only one parent company can be selected.

What types of user would a brand have that is not a manufacturer?

Brands and facilities will have the same user types available to them: admin, editor, and verifier.

How do you manage an account for an owned factory vs. a contracted factory?

The contracted factory would manage their own account. You would share data through the sharing/connecting feature. For your owned facility you would set up a separate facility account for that particular site, specify the parent company, and complete the module.

Since the new and updated Higg FEM will only allow factories to complete a new module through the end of the adoption cycle (in May), will there be an Excel file available for brands to use and send to suppliers who are newly onboarded to the company, in order to simply become familiar with the Higg Index?

Facilities will only be able to complete and post a module during the cadence cycle, which this year will be from November 2017 to May 31, 2018. After the cadence close (from June 1, 2018 through October 31, 2018) facilities who are in the system will be able to review their module, benchmark performance and connect to customers. New facilities will be able to register in the system and connect with customers, but not start or post a new module until the new module (2018) is available. Right now, we are targeting the new module would be available on September 1, 2018. In Target's case, facilities onboarded during this time could be required to register on the platform and connect with you. Once the new 2018 module is released, they will be notified and can complete and post their module.

I am getting routed to the old site that does not allow me to log in on My concern is that this is what our partner facilities are also seeing when they click on the links.

Facilities will be sent links to start accessing the new platform in November. SAC member brands and retailers will be sent links to access the new platform in December. This will allow time for facilities to set up accounts first, so they do not receive redundant registration requests from both the SAC and member brands and retailers.

If there is a parent company that owns many facilities, should they register under one account, or individually?

Yes. 1 account = 1 facility site. In the registration form, you can set a parent company as a field. Each facility should set up its own account and identify its parent company. This will enable cross analytics across those accounts.

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