What does the facility access fee cover?

The facility access fee covers access for one facility account on the platform to start their 2017 Facility Environmental Module, share the posted module with business partners, and benchmark/analyze their results for the 2017 adoption cycle. The facility will need to pay again when they want to start the 2018 module cycle. 

Why is the facility access fee increasing and what are the dates and amounts of the increase?

With the new release of Higg FEM 3.0, we are improving the tool in order to add greater value to all industry partners, Higg FEM 3.0 will offer new features, increased applicability, and greater functionality on a brand new platform. With these improvements, the price for access will need to increase to continue to enhance, maintain, and support the tool moving forward. In order to continue the momentum on adoption and not create additional barriers for engagement, we will phase a gradual price increase throughout the coming months as follows: 

  • September 15-October 31, 2017 = USD $85 per facility via the early registration form
  • November 1-December 31, 2017 = USD $100 per facility via the new platform
  • January 1, 2018-December 31, 2018 = USD $150 per facility via the new platform

Where can I access the early registration form?

Only available until October 31, 2017:

Is the facility fee a one-time payment or an annual subscription?

A facility pays once every year to start a new module. They pay the first year through registration and gain access to the module, sharing, and benchmarking. Then starting September 1 of the following year, a facility will be able to pay to start their next year's module. They can pay any time after Sept 1 and payment will allow them to start their new module.

When will a facility need to pay again next year?

A facility will have the ability to pay to start their next year's module any time after September 1st of each year. Because payment is per module year, if a facility pays in April to complete their 2017 module, they will still be prompted to pay again to start their 2018 module after September 1.

If my company owns multiple factories, will I need to pay for each facility account? For example, if I own 5 factories, do I pay 5 times?

Yes, payment is required for each unique facility account, so if you own 5 factories you need to pay for all 5. On the registration form in the payment section you will see the option to pay for multiple factories at once by credit card or bank transfer.

Is payment required on September 1 of each year?

No - payment to start the next year's module can happen any time after September 1, but a module cannot be started without payment.

Will I still be able to access my 2017 data and do verification on my 2017 module after Sept 1, 2018?

Yes - access to 2017 data and benchmarking will not be interrupted after Sept 1st, and verification of the 2017 module can continue through the end of the year. On Sept 1st, the option to pay to access the 2018 module will begin (and can be paid any time after that whenever the facility is ready to start its 2018 module).

What payment methods can be used to process the facility access fee?

Upon registering a new account in you will be prompted to pay by credit card. This is the quickest and easiest payment method, and will allow immediate access to the platform. There will be also be an option to download an invoice to pay by bank transfer. Bank transfers will take one to two weeks to process, after which the user will receive a coupon code to enter the platform. There will also be a link to pay for multiple facility accounts at once by credit card or bank transfer. Checks are not accepted.

What if I already paid for facility access in 2017?

Any facility that paid for facility access on or after June 1 will not need to pay again to register for this year. These facilities will be emailed a coupon code in November to register their account without having to pay again. Any facility account that paid before June 1 will need to pay again through early registration (before Oct 31) or standard registration on in November (after receiving a registration link via email) to register and access their 2017 module.

Do facilities have to pay for access to

Facilities do not have to pay to access All the training materials on are free and have open access.

Can the facility post modules for different sites by using the same account? If the facility posts modules for their suppliers by using the facility's account, do they need to pay for each module?

Each factory site needs its own account and only one module can be posted for that account per year. Therefore payment is required for each factory each year to post a module.

Is the USD $85 access fee still valid through November 2018?

The USD $85 is only available via early registration until October 31, 2017. The access fee will increase to USD $100 from November to December 2017. It will increase to USD $150 in January 2018. 

Is there any fee for the verifier to assess accounts?


Why is there a price increase for manufacturers?

There are three reasons for the price increase: 
1. To cover costs associated with ongoing tool development, support and maintenance of new platform with new features, increased applicability, APIs, and greater functionality. 
2. To support development of full package materials: support, translations, How to Higg technical guidance, verifier and training program partners, Impact Knowledge Base,, and other materials and future enhancements. 
3. Fee is in line with other similar platforms

For manufacturers who were using Higg FEM 2.0 and want to stay on board for Higg FEM 3.0, do they have to renew their Higg access?

Payment occurs annually. The regular Higg access fee is $150 per year which allows us to maintain the platform license, maintain, training, and verification services.

Can multiple accounts be paid with one invoice?


Are you able to create and send us an invoice first to make the payment (similar to last year)?

You will be able to generate an invoice and pay by wire transfer, if you are not able to pay by credit card. This process may take a few weeks to process, but once payment is received you will be emailed a coupon code in order to set up your account.

How will refunds work?

Refunds will be provided in two ways: 
1. Credit card refunds will be immediately processed through Stripe (our credit card tool) 
2. Bank transfer refunds will be done manually by contacting SAC support. 

Would parent companies still need to pay to register themselves on the new Higg platform in order for them to link or connect with their factories, even though they will not be posting modules under that parent company account?

Parent companies will not be creating accounts on — they will be featured as a "tag" that connects accounts together, therefore they do not need to pay. The contacts from the parent account will need to register or have access to their facility accounts for benchmarking/analytics. 

Will SAC issue an official receipt for payments of the fee?

All payments for early registration will include a detailed receipt by email once paid. If you do not receive this email, please contact Once the new platform launches in November, an invoice will be generated for all payments and will be sent by email. The invoice will include a chop and signature by SAC.

Our manufacturers already use both the Facilities Environmental Module and Facilities Social & Labor Module. Is there one fee to use both modules or how does that work? Or is there a fee for Higg FEM, and then another fee for using Higg BSLM?

Facilities will pay the fee once (so depending on when they register, $85, $100, or $150) and they will be able to complete and post both the Higg FEM and Higg FSLM, once it's launched next year. They pay the fee per facility for access to both Facility Modules. Note that if they are a larger manufacturer with several different factories/facilities in different locations, they must have a separate account for each separate facility, and they pay the fee per account facility.

ZDHC is giving us 20 invitations to invite our supply chain partners to register on the gateway free, will the SAC also do the same?

The facility fee applies to all non-member facilities in

What happens if I enter the wrong address in the registration form?

The address entered in early registration does not matter. You will be able to re-enter it upon entering the new platform again.

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