What is is the online platform where the Higg Index suits of tools are located. Currently, Higg facility tools - Facility Environment Module (FEM) and Facility Social Labor Module (FSLM) are on this platform. Brand module is not available in yet. Product tools are located in another platform -


Who can register on

Manufacturers: SAC members and non-member manufacturers can register. All manufacturers will be able to purchase the FEM and FSLM once they have an account. Once they have completed and posted their modules, facilities can share them with brand partners or submit them for verification if they have purchased the vFEM or vFSLM (only available in certain locations). The 2019 FEM Module is available for purchase after September 2019. The FSLM Module is available to purchase on a rolling basis throughout the year. 

Brands and retailers: Both SAC members and non-member SME brands can register. Brands and retailers can connect with manufacturer partners to share and request modules. These accounts cannot create facility modules but instead can connect with suppliers and request their facility modules from your account. 

Verifying Bodies: SAC-approved verifying body companies can register at any time throughout the year, however they will only be able to access modules once the facilities hav selected them as their verifiers.  

Other: Other groups such as governments, NGOs and academic institutions can create an account at any time, however this is only available to SAC members.


How long will it take for my new account and user profile be approved? How do I know if it has been approved or declined?

Your user profile does not need to be approved. Once created, you can log in with this profile right away. After logging in, you can create your facility account and you will be able to access and navigate your account immediately without waiting. Then Higg Index support team will review your account information. Your account might be declined and deactivated if it does not meet our requirement. You will receive a notification email if your account is approved or declined. 


What if I need to register for numerous facility accounts?

Once you have created your first account, you can add other accounts in the drop down menu under your name through the ‘Add Account’ button. From there you are able register each facility, and access them in the menu under your name after the new accounts are approved. 


What if I had an existing Higg account for the 2018 cycle? 

Your log-in information will be the same, and you can access your 2018 FEM scores and your 2019 FSLM as well as purchase your 2019 modules and begin working on them if you are a facility. As a brand, you can see the 2018 FEM and FSLM assessments that have been shared with you by facilities. You can start to request your facilities to share their FEM 2019 after they have the module in their account. 


Why do I need to enter my business address? 

For facilities, this allows us to understand the local laws and regulations, connect you with verifiers if you purchase a vFEM or vFSLM module, and track data across and within countries. 

You must include at least the city and country of your business. This is a requirement for the data to be included in industry wide benchmarking. 


How do I register a new facility that does not have Higg ID yet?

Higg ID is optional and not needed for registration.


What should I enter for "Account Name" in the registration form when I try to create my facility account in

Each individual facility will be set up as a separate account. 1 factory = 1 account. Enter the full factory name in "Account name" in English (please don’t enter your account name in other languages) and make sure the factory name is listed the way it is recognized by your business partners. Please avoid acronyms/abbreviations or include the full name and the acronym/abbreviation. 


My company already has an account, how can I access it? 

If your company has an existing account, you can search their account name to request to join once you create a user account. You can also contact the account administrator and ask the admin to invite you to join. 

If you try to create a new account for an existing company, it will be declined. 



How do I know if I am a SAC member?

The definition of a SAC member is a company or organization that has a membership agreement with the SAC and pays annual dues for membership. More information on SAC membership can be found at and a list of all members can be found at the bottom of this page


If a parent company (an owner of multiple facilities) is a SAC member, will their facilities have to purchase the modules?

No, the cost of modules is included in the parent company’s membership.


What if a factory works with 10 different vendors. How will you ensure they are not duplicated?

We are addressing this in a few ways:

  1. There will be a facility account search in the registration form to search for existing facility accounts
  2. Higg support will be approving all account registrations, so if we see someone is trying to create a duplicate account we will decline the registration and point them to the existing account.
  3. If you notice any accidental duplicate accounts in the system please contact


Do I need to become a member of SAC to use the Higg Index?

No, the Higg Index suite of tools are open to all. If you are not a SAC member facility, you will purchase the modules you would like to use through 

If you are a non-member SME brand, you can have your facilities purchase the modules and share their assessments with you. 


Should I register my account as a vendor or a facility? 

Each facility should have their own account. A vendor will register as a separate account and request to view their facility modules.


Brands have asked my facility to register, why?

Brands often request that their facility participate in the FEM. This is to benefit you and them! It allows you to provide one report to all your customers and helps avoid audit fatigue and redundant requests. This gives you greater opportunity to invest time and resources into action that drives continuous improvement for your facility. 


Why was my account rejected?

There are many reasons why an account may be rejected. For example: 

  • The account name is not entered in English. We only accept English account names because it is easily recognizable by business partners and stakeholders.
  • Account name is insufficient. You must enter your full company name.
  • Duplicated account. If your account already existed in our platform, you cannot register it again. To join an existing account you must contact your account administrator.
  • Duplicated user. If you are already registered for an account on and try to register again for a different account you will be rejected. You may access other accounts by adding them to your original account directly. You do not need to submit a new account request.
  • If your email address does not have a company domain you will be rejected. For example:,, 

If you feel your account has been rejected unjustly, please reach out to us through 


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