When can I register for

Advanced registration begins November 8, 2018.

Standard registration begins January 1, 2019. Please review pricing and important dates for 2018 Higg Facility Module registration.

When can I register for Higg FSLM?

Higg FSLM is available on a rolling basis. Higg FEM and Higg FSLM self-assessments must be posted by June 30, 2018 to be included in the SAC's 2018 data reports.

Who can register on

SAC members, SME non-member brands, non-member manufacturers, vendors/sourcing agents, and qualified verifier organizations are able to register on (The online platform for the Higg Index).

  • Manufacturers: SAC member manufacturers and non-member manufacturers will access the Higg Facility Environment Module (Higg FEM) and Higg Facility Social Labor Module (FSLM) to measure their environmental and social and labor performance. They can connect with business partners to share and request modules. They can also chose to purchase verified modules if they wish to have their self-assessment scores verified (note: only factories in China and Sri Lanka are able to purchase verified FSLM modules at this time).
  • Brand/Retailers: SAC brands/retailers can connect with manufacturer partners to share and request modules. These accounts cannot create facility modules but can view facility modules shared by others. In addition, you may view Facility Module content on (for Higg FEM) and/or (for Higg FSLM).
  • Other: The category of ‘Other’ includes: sourcing agents, vendors, and other SAC members such as non-profit, governmental organizations, academic institutions, service providers, and associations that use to connect with manufacturers and brands/retailers.
  • Verification organizations: These organizations must be qualified by either SAC (through its partner Sumerra) or SLCP. These organizations have been hired by factories to complete verifications of specific Higg FEM and FSLM self-assessments (vFEM and vFSLM).

When will registration open for the

Registration will open on November 8, 2018 on We will send all users and SAC members a notification message via email about registration opening on that day.

Facilities that paid for modules during early registration that did not have accounts on previously will need to register their new accounts on anytime on or after November 8, 2018. Facilities that previously had accounts on will receive a password reset notification on November 8, 2018 and will be able to access the modules that were purchased during early registration within their account that day.

New SAC members who did not previously have accounts on will need to register for their account on beginning on November 8, 2018.

  • If you are an SAC member manufacturer, your annual SAC membership fee covers the cost of Facility Module access for your owned facilities. Members do not need to pay for Facility Modules. Once a member manufacturer completes the account registration process and logins to their account, the 2018 facility module will be available in their account. If you are a member manufacturer and you do not see a module within your account, please contact
  • All other SAC member types (Brands/Retailers, Other, and Verifiers) can access their existing Higg accounts, or set up new Higg accounts. These accounts cannot create facility modules but can view facility modules shared by others. In addition, you may view Facility Module content on (for Higg FEM) and/or (for Higg FSLM).

To see a full list of SAC members please visit,

Is the registration process the same as it was the 2017 module cycle?

No, we have created a new simplified registration process for the 2018 module cycle.

If you did not have an account on in 2017 or this year, you will need to register for a new Higg Index account on starting November 8, 2018. The Higg Index support team will approve accounts within 3 business days. This process is similar to the previous reporting cycle with one big difference:  you will be able to login to your account and navigate account management features (e.g. my team, support, account profile and user profile) before your account has been approved by SAC. Please note you will not be able to access a facility module(s) until your account is approved. Once approved you can purchase FEM and/or FSLM modules and start completing them.

If your company account has already been created on the updated platform, you will first create your user profile and then search your company account. After finding your company account, you will click the “Join this account” button to join the account you’ve selected. The administrator for that account will then need to approve you. Please note that the account administrator will be someone within your account’s organization, not the SAC.

One other important update is that coupon codes are no longer being used for purchasing modules.  New registrants can create and login into their account and purchase their module directly.  Please note we have a new range of payment options (e.g. Alipay) to facilitate immediate purchase of modules.   Wire payment will continue to be an option. If used, please please contact our support team by  to activate a facility module(s) in your account. We strongly encourage all users to use an automatic payment option so you can get immediate access to all the features, including FEM and FSLM module access.

How will Parent Companies be set up in the updated platform, will they need to pay?

The option to select or manually enter a parent company name is a part of the registration process for any new Higg account or can be edited in ‘Account Settings’ for existing accounts. You will not need to pay for a parent company because that account type is not able to complete any modules.The contacts from the parent company will need to be added to all owned facility accounts if they want to access/manage their child accounts. Child account modules will still need to be shared with the parent company if the parent company wants to track their module progress.

How long will it take for my company account and user profile be approved? How do I know if it has been approved or declined?

The registration flow on has been updated. You will now need to create a user profile before creating your company account. Your user profile won’t need to be approved. Once created, you can login right away. After you login you can create your company account, which will need to be approved by SAC’s support team. It will take up to 3 business days to approve or decline company accounts. If your account is approved or declined, you will receive a notification from SAC’s support email (

What if I need to register for numerous facility accounts?

If none of these facilities were registered on our platform this past year, you will need to go through the registration process for each NEW facility account. By the end of 2018 you will do this through the “Add Account” feature. Once you register the first account, you will be able to click "Add Account" in your account to register for the next account.

What if I had an existing Higg account, what information will be transferred?

All of your account information including your past account name, users, Higg ID (given in Higg 2.0 platform), account ID, your 2017 Higg FEM module data and connections will be available on the platform. To get access to your account and this information you will need to reset your password. We will send you the password reset link via email on November 8, 2018 (Pacific Time).

What information should I enter for my account address when I create my company account in

You must provide your company’s city and country in English.

Why does the "Company Address" field not specify any requirements or standardized selection options?

The field will recognize items like city and country on the back end of the platform and track these in a standardized format. You must provide your company’s location of city and country.

I can access my account now but when can I access my 2018 modules?

If you are not an SAC member you will need to purchase your modules before you can access themt. To purchase Higg FEM and FSLM click on the FEM and FSLM sections. If you pay through credit card, Alipay, or Wechat pay (Alipay and Wechat pay will be available in later after launch on Nov 8), you can access your purchased modules immediately after the payment has been completed. This is the fastest and recommended way to access your facility module(s). If you pay through wire transfer, it usually takes 2-3 weeks for us to receive the payment. You can check your payment progress in FEM/FSLM section. Once we receive your payment, we will activate your module(s) in your account. You will also receive an invoice of your payment.

How do I register a new facility that does not have Higg ID yet?

Higg ID is optional and not needed for registration.

If I have two Higg IDs, which should I input for registration, new or old?

Either ID is accepted.

Can I use my existing username/password to log in to

You can use your existing username but you must reset your password to login. When the platform reopens on November 8, 2018 all existing Higg users will receive a link to reset password via email. 

What should I enter for "Account Name" in the registration form when I try to create my company account in

Each individual facility will be set up as a separate account. 1 factory = 1 account. So please enter the full factory name in "Account name" in English (please don’t enter your account name in other languages) and make sure the factory name is listed the way it is recognized by your business partners. Please avoid acronyms/abbreviations (or include the full name and the acronym/abbreviation). If you had an existing account, you can type the account name in the search bar when you are registering, you don’t need to create a new account for your organization. If you want to join an existing account, please contact the account administrator who can add you to the account. If you need to edit your account name or account administrator’s email address, please contact

If I had an existing Higg account before, when can I expect to receive the password reset link to login to the updated platform?

The SAC will be sending the invitation and password reset links on November 8, 2018 to anyone who has an existing account. Existing account users will reset their password via the link provided in the email. There is no change in the user ID (email address) login that was used in 2017. Your user ID will remain the same. 

Will the 24-digit account ID number carry over into the updated platform? What about the old Higg ID given in Higg 2.0 platform?

No. Anyone who had an existing account in the old now has 7-digit Higg ID. This 7-digit Higg ID is used for distinguishing accounts within the updated platform. If you already have  a 5-digit Higg ID from the Higg 2.0 platform, you will continue using it in the updated platform. If you have a 24-digit account ID from the previous platform, you will get a new 7-dight Higg ID on the updated platform. Your old 24-digit account ID will no longer be used.

Is there a one-page guide on how to register?

Yes, there will be training guides for all steps of using the updated platform, including registration and payment. We will also be translating these guides moving forward. These will be posted on by November 8, 2018.

Is it correct that SAC member manufactures will not be charged a fee and will be invited to the updated Higg FEM?

Correct. Member manufacturers and any facilities they own do not need to pay for access. If you are a new member manufacturer and have not created your company's account on, you will need to create your account on the updated platform. Once created, the SAC support team will activate the facility modules in your account.

If you are an existing member manufacturer who has had an account in, you will receive an email on November 8, 2018, with a link to reset your account password. Once your password has been reset, you will be able to login to your account using the same user ID as 2017 and the new password. The SAC support team will activate the facility modules in your account.

How do I know if I am an SAC member?

The definition of an SAC member is a company or organization that has a membership agreement with the SAC and pays annual dues for membership. More information on SAC membership can be found at and a list of all members can be found at the bottom of this page

If a parent company (an owner of multiple facilities) is an SAC member, will the fee apply to their additional accounts?

The fee will not be required for SAC Members and all their facilities.

What if a factory works with 10 different vendors. How will you ensure they are not duplicated?

We are addressing this in a few ways:

  1. There will be a facility account search in the registration form to search for existing facility accounts
  2. Higg support will be approving all account registrations, so if we see someone is trying to create a duplicate account we will decline the registration and point them to the existing account.
  3. If you notice any accidental duplicate accounts in the system please contact

What will happen to the old system?

The old system will be retired and not accessible after November 8, 2018 (verification included). The data and information in old system will be transferred to the updated system by November 8 2018.

Do I need to become a member of SAC to use the Higg Index?

No. The Higg Index suite of tools are open to all. More than 8,000 facilities and brands already participate in the Higg Index. If you are a SAC member manufacturer you will need to create individual accounts for each of your facilities on Please note that SAC member manufacturers do not need to pay to access their facility's modules. The SAC support team will activate the facility modules in each account created by the member manufacturer.

What is the Higg FEM and Higg FSLM process?

You begin with registration and review of the How to Higg Guide. Once familiar with the materials, facilities may start the self-assessment. After completing, the facility should schedule an SAC-approved verification of the assessment. Once the facility's report is verified they can share it with all their customers (brands) on the platform. The facility can also take this time to learn from their results and begin to build action plans and strategies to improve their level achievement. The module cycle for Higg FEM starts from November 8, 2018 and will end June 30, 2019. You must complete and post your FEM self-assessment by June 30, 2019. The FSLM will keep rolling after June 30, 2019. If you want to join our 2018 benchmarking reporting, we suggest you post your self-assessment FSLM by June 30, 2019.

 Other brands have asked my company to register. Should I register?

Yes. Other brand customers may have asked you to participate in the Higg FEM, this is by design. Our industry is aligning on ONE tool that we can all benefit from. The SAC believes that using common information and one industry tool will reduce redundant requests from brand customers and audit fatigue. In result, suppliers are given greater opportunity to invest time and resources into action and programs that drive continuous improvement.

Do new account registration requests still need to be approved by the SAC?

Yes, we still have a reviewing process for each new account registration request. Every new account must be reviewed in order to ensure that they meet our requirements. A new account request might be rejected for the following reasons:

  • The account name is not entered in English. We only accept English account names because it is easily recognizable by business partners and stakeholders.
  • Account name is insufficient. You must enter your full company name.
  • Duplicated account. If your account already existed in our platform, you cannot register it again. To join an existing account you must contact your account administrator.
  • Duplicated user. If you are already registered for an account on and try to register again for a different account you will be rejected. You may access other accounts by adding them to your original account directly. You do not need submit a new account request.
  • If your email address does not have a company domain you will be rejected. For example:,, 
  • If you register as a brand/retailer/other account type but are not an SAC member or SME non-member Higg access customer, you will be rejected. We only approve brand/retailer and other account types if they are SAC members or SME non-member Higg access customers.

After submitting a registration request, the SAC support team will review and approve it within 3 business days.

Do I get a notification if my account request is approved or rejected?

Yes. In the updated platform there is a system notification icon on your account home page. When the notification icon appears please click on it, and you will see the message of whether your account is approved or not.

I am new to When can I access my account after submitting the account registration request?

It will depend on whether your account request is approved. After you submit the account registration request, the SAC support team will review and approve it within 3 business days. Your account request can be approved or rejected. We highly suggest you enter the correct information when submitting the request. If your account request is approved, you will be able to login to your account and begin adding users or accounts. You will be able to access your facility module when you purchase it. You will see the option to purchase a module when you login to your account. 

I am new in When can I access my facility module(s) after submitting the account registration request?

Usually, the SAC support team will review and approve your request within 3 business days after receiving it.  Please note that your request may be rejected. After you have been approved, you will purchase the facility modules. If you pay through credit card or other online payments, you can access your facility modules directly after the payment has gone through. This is the fastest and recommended way to access your facility module(s). If you pay through wire transfer, it will  takes 2-3 weeks for us to receive your wire transfer payment, and therefore 3-4 weeks until you are able to access your modules. 


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