Are there any webinars for factories on the import/export functionality?

We will feature guidance on this on, which is available publicly.

Will any of these training webinars be delivered in any language other than in English?

We are exploring offering training webinars in Chinese in the future. 

When will the facilities training be ready?

A package of online training materials will be ready on the new Higg training website, in November. This will include step by step guides, videos, training presentation decks, and recorded webinars. These resources are publicly available.

Will the webinar trainings be in multiple languages?

At this time, we will only have webinar trainings in English and Mandarin. 

What materials will be translated?

In December, the platform, FEM How to Higg Guide, and some step by step "getting started" guides will be available in the following 5 languages:

  • Simplified Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • Turkish
  • Italian
  • Spanish*

*Spanish How to Higg Guide coming January 2018

Additional languages may be added in early 2018 

What is the How to Higg Guide?

The How to Higg Guide will provide comprehensive and detailed guidance for every question in the Higg FEM, including:

  • Intent of the question
  • Technical guidance and definitions
  • How this will be verified
  • Links to other relevant supporting resources/templates/organizations

Will there be demonstrations or videos of different features of the new, such as how to register, share a module, etc.?

Yes, we will post step by step instruction and include short videos on how to user the new platform - these will be available on the new training page at 

When will the approved trainer program launch?

A preliminary list of approved trainers will be posted on in November. These trainers will be able to start doing basic trainings on getting started with the new and Higg FEM, and how to prepare. The list will be expanded in January (posted to and approved trainers will begin to provide more in-depth training on Higg FEM content starting in January.

Will training providers be able to do extensive chemicals management training?

Approved Trainers will be able to train on Level 1 Chemicals Management in the Higg FEM starting in January. A trainer will be able to become a "Chemicals Specialist" by going through the ZDHC ATP program in order to train on level 2-3 chemicals management, and chemicals specialists will be clearly marked on the approved trainer directory.

How much of the training material is public, and how much of that is member only?

All training materials developed by the SAC are available to all Higg users. Some webinars may be live for SAC members only, but will be recorded and shared with all Higg users.

When will the first set of translations become available?

The platform, How to Higg Guides, and some basic "Getting Started" guides will be translated into five languages by December 2017. Additional translations may be completed in early 2018.

When will online trainings be announced?

The first series of training webinars are already scheduled and emailed to all Higg users on October 12, 2017. The training dates are:

  • Nov 7, 8:00pm PST
  • Nov 8, 9:00am PST
  • Nov 14, 6:00pm PST
  • Nov 15, 9:00am PST
  • Dec 12, 8:00pm PST
  • Dec 13, 9:00am PST

Is training available for non-members too?

Training webinars will launch in November for all Higg users to access.

Is fully public or for members only?

It is a public platform. Members and nonmembers can access it for free. 

Will there be training material I can use to train my colleagues or supply chain partners?

Yes, training presentation decks will be shared via that anyone can access.

Will the SAC moderate the cost of training offered by different partner training companies? For example: Suppler 1 = $100 USD / Supplier 2 = $85 USD

We will be working with a Training Program Partner who will help to review and vet costs to ensure that the costs are within market range but will not set pricing for external partners. This will be similar to the verification program. 

What if I run into technical issues when I start using the platform?

The SAC will have "Support" link on that connects users to the Higg support team that can answer any technical support questions.

In addition to How to Higg, what other documents will be translated into these languages?

We will be translating the platform, the guidance documents that allow facilities to better understand how to use the platform (platform guides) as well as the How to Higg reference guide. We also hope to translate a few short training videos if we can, but that may occur in Q1 2018.

Is having only three approved training teams to train facilities within the cadence sufficient?

We will have three approved trainers for November and December 2017, but we expect to have many more starting in January 2018 when the broader trainer program launches. This should suffice for the duration of the cadence.

If we were approved qualified trainers in Higg FEM 2.0, what about Higg FEM 3.0? Do we have to register again?

Yes, all previously approved trainers will need to be approved again. We will review all fees and details in November.

Will Approved Trainer training be in the same online format as Verifier Training?

Yes these processes are aligned.

Will any guidelines and documents be available on later to help factories understand the key difference between Higg 2.0 and 3.0?

Yes this will be outlined in training materials that we launch on the new training website in early November

Is there SAC contact information available for facilities who have questions that is not answered in the FAQ doc? 

Please go to and click "Submit a Request" at the top of the page to submit a support request.

Does the SAC have a program to support a brand's internal training program for employees or suppliers?

The SAC will provide the approved trainer program through a third party. Through this trainer program, you can work with an approved, certified trainer.

If I am a Higg FEM 2.0 approved verifier, do I have to be re-approved for Higg FEM 3.0? 

Yes, the content and criteria for the new tool have changed. We must ensure consistency among verifications. The format for verification is online. It’s a course designed for adult learners. It will take an average verifier 40 hours to complete. It consists of a combination of lecture, with office hours, videos with role playing, offline assignments. Instructors review work and share feedback with attendees. This will help with scalability. Verifiers have access to the system throughout the entire year. 

Can brands become approved trainers?

We’re specifying requirements that approved trainers need to follow; it’s up to them to curate their own services, overall. The approved trainer title is intended for training providers that can provide services throughout the entire cycle on an ongoing basis. Brands and facilities that are interested in going through the training will have this option. They can receive a certificate to certify this.


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