What materials will be translated?

SAC plans to translate the following training guides by end of 2018:

  • FEM How to Higg guide (including summary of changes)
  • Step by step “Platform Guides” showing how to use the platform (e.g. Registration, Payment, Starting a Module, etc.)

We will translate additional training materials in 2019.

What is the How to Higg Guide?

The How to Higg Guide will provide comprehensive and detailed guidance for every question in the Higg FEM, including:

  • Intent of the question
  • Technical guidance and definitions
  • How the question will be verified
  • Links to other relevant supporting resources/templates/organizations

Will there be demonstrations or videos of different features of the new, such as how to register, share a module, etc.?

Yes, we plan to post the videos on shortly after the November 8 launch. There will be PDF guides with screenshots available on on November 8.

 When will the approved trainer program launch?  

The approved trainer program launched in 2017 and is accepting trainer applications on a rolling basis. Learn more here To see a complete list of Higg FEM trainers, please visit

 Will training providers be able to do extensive chemicals management training?

Higg trainers have the option to enroll in “Chemicals Specialty”. Chemicals Specialty training is done through ZDHC. For more information visit: Once the ZDHC chemicals training is successfully completed, the Higg trainer will be awarded “Chemicals Specialty” status.

 Will the SAC moderate the cost of training offered by different partner training companies? For example: Supplier 1 = $100 USD / Supplier 2 = $85 USD

No, training cost is negotiated directly with the training provider.

 When will the first set of translations become available?

The first round of translations for the platform, Higg FEM How to Higg Guide, and Platform Guides will be released in December 2018.

 Is having only three approved training teams to train facilities within the cadence sufficient?

There are over 20 accredited training organizations and over 50 accredited trainers for Higg FEM. You can view the entire list on

 If we were accredited trainers in Higg FEM 2.0, what about Higg FEM 3.0? Do we have to register again?

All 2.0 trainers must reapply to become 3.0 Trainers. More information on how to apply to become a trainer can be found here:

Will the SAC arrange a Higg FEM content training webinar for the updated How to Higg guide after Nov 8?

We do not currently have any plans to host a training webinar for the updated How to Higg guides.

Are there any webinars for factories on the import/export functionality?

We will feature guidance on this on, which is available publicly.

Will any of these training webinars be delivered in any language other than in English?

We are exploring offering training webinars in Chinese in the future.

When will the facilities training be ready?

A package of online training materials will be ready on the new Higg training website, in November. This will include step by step guides, videos, training presentation decks, and recorded webinars. These resources are publicly available.

Will the webinar trainings be in multiple languages?

At this time, we will only have webinar trainings in English and Mandarin.

How much of the training material is public, and how much of that is member only?

All training materials developed by the SAC are available to all Higg users. Some webinars may be live for SAC members only, but will be recorded and shared with all Higg users on

Is training available for non-members too?

Yes. All training can be found on

Is fully public or for members only?

It is a public platform. Members and nonmembers can access it for free.

Will there be training material I can use to train my colleagues or supply chain partners?

Yes, training presentation decks will be shared via that anyone can access.

What if I run into technical issues when I start using the platform?

The SAC will have "Support" link on that connects users to the SAC support team who can answer any technical support questions.

Will Approved Trainer training be in the same online format as Verifier Training?

Yes, these processes are aligned. 

Is there SAC contact information available for facilities who have questions that are not answered in the FAQ doc?

Please go to and click "Submit a Request" at the top of the page to submit a support request.

Does the SAC have a program to support a brand's internal training program for employees or suppliers?

The SAC will provide the approved trainer program through a third party. Through this trainer program you can work with an approved, certified trainer.

Can brands become approved trainers?

We are specifying requirements that approved trainers need to follow. It is up to brands to curate their own services overall. The approved trainer title is intended for training providers that can provide services on an ongoing basis. Brands and facilities that are interested in going through the training will have this option. They can receive a certificate to certify this.

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