How will connecting work on the updated platform?

Connections on are based around the modules. If you want to connect with other accounts, you must request or share a module with that account. Manufacturers can share their modules directly with any account type and request to view modules from account types that have filled out a module. Brand and Other account types can request modules from facilities and manufacturers.

To access connections and sharing, pick the module type you’d like to share, FEM or FSLM and go to that tab. Then click on the “Modules” tab right below. This will take you to the module tracking and sharing page. You can click “Request a module” or “Share a module” depending on which action you’d like to take. Choose the module type/year you would like to request or share and search the account name or account ID to find the account. Once your share/request is accepted, the module will be shared between accounts. 

Will sharing function be available on this updated platform on Nov 8 2018?

The sharing function, including request a module and share my module, will be available on the updated platform on Nov 8 2018. By the end of Dec 2018, bulk sharing requests will be available on the platform.  

What information is shown through sharing?

You will be able to view the shared module type, account name, Higg ID, and module status for all shared modules. By the end of December 2018, we will add additional functionality to sharing including viewing more account details (address, contacts, etc.) and downloading shared account information into a csv.  SAC will provide email updates as we update these features.

Viewing/exporting shared posted 2018 FSLM/vFSLM will be available by the end of 2018. Viewing/exporting shared posted 2018 FEM/vFEM will be available by January 2019.

What if I do not want anyone to see my module?

The purpose of the Higg Index is to collectively share and improve performance on sustainability. Sharing performance is an important driver of improvement. However, If you don’t want anyone to view your module(s), you can choose either to not to post your module OR you can post your module but chose not to approve any connections with other accounts. If you do not post your module(s), you cannot benchmark your data when this feature is available on in January 2019.

Will everyone with a login to my account be able to manage sharing?

No, only the account owner and admins can manage sharing. Editors cannot manage sharing. If you need to update a user’s role please contact SAC support team (

If I had an existing Higg account, will my connections remain?

Yes, your existing connections from the 2017 module cycle on the previous platform will be transferred to the updated When a facility starts a new 2018 module, they will get a pop up asking if they would like to “Roll forward” all previous connections to their new module. You can choose to either share your new module with all the same connections as the 2017 module or select which specific accounts you would  like to continue sharing with.

How can we search for modules we would like to be shared with us?

You can go to either the FEM or FSLM tab, depending on which module you’re looking for, and click the “Modules” tab below. Click “Shared With Me” to search the modules which have been shared with you. You can search by module reference ID and account ID.  Can I request modules in bulk if I work with hundreds or thousands of facilities?

Yes, but bulk sharing requests will be available on the platform in late November. At that time, you can go to “Modules” on home page and then “Shared with me” to click “request a module” and search one account at a time. You will then see an option to send a bulk sharing request.

Our account Admin asked me to share our module. Can the Admin grant the editor or verifiers permission to share?

No, admin can’t grant the editor or verifier permission to share unless their role is changed to admin. A user’s role can be only edited by the SAC support team. Please contact SAC support team ( if an admin wants to change the role of an editor. A verifier’s role cannot be changed to editor or admin.

Are connecting and sharing the same thing?

Connecting is now called sharing because it refers to sharing modules. Accounts are no longer "connected." Instead, modules are "shared." You can choose to share your module with other accounts each year. You will now have the option to share modules for specific years rather than sharing your entire module history with any account you have accepted.

Will scores be applicable for a longer period or yearly?

We recommend a yearly review.


When we ask our facilities to share their modules what level of detail will we see? Or just their dashboard?

When a module is shared all the information in a module is available to view.  

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