2019 Cycle Higg Facility Module Purchasing


 What modules are available for purchase?  

The 2019 Higg FEM and FSLM bundle is available beginning on September 17, 2019 and single 2019 Higg FEM is available beginning on Oct 19, 2019. 

The single FSLM or single vFSLM is available to purchase from Nov 4, 2019. 

The single vFEM 2019 and FEM 2019 bundle (FEM 2019 + vFEM 2019) are available for purchase starting in Dec 2019.  

2018 FEM or 2018 FEM bundle are not available for purchasing starting from Nov 1, 2019. 

2018 vFEM is not available for purchase starting from Dec 1, 2019. 


What forms of payment are accepted? 

Credit cards, wire transfer, Alipay and Wechat Pay are all accepted for the pre-purchasing period. 


I already paid for my 2019 Higg facility modules, when shall I access them? 

The purchased modules will be accessible in your account with the beginning of the 2019 cycle, which starts November, 2019. The pre-purchased modules will automatically appear in your account. If your pre-purchased modules haven't appeared, contact the support team.  


Can I still purchase the 2018 FEM or  2018 vFEM? 

No. Both 2018 FEM and 2018 vFEM are no longer available for purchase as of Dec 1, 2019. 


Can I purchase the FSLM on its own?

Yes. The FSLM can be purchased at any time throughout the year for new FSLM users or users who have completed the FSLM. 


What is the price for the modules in 2019 cycle? 

The single module (FEM 2019, vFEM 2019, FSLM and vFSLM) will be sold for $165/module.  The bundle (FEM 2019 +vFEM 2019 or FSLM + vFSLM or FEM 2019 + FSLM) will be sold for $ 330/bundle. 

The single FEM 2019 or FSLM or the bundle of FEM 2019 (FEM 2019 + vFEM 2019) or FSLM (FSLM + vFSLM) will be available to purchase from Nov 2019. 


Can I get the invoice after paying for the modules? 

Yes, you can receive the paid invoice from us after paying for the modules no matter which payment method you will choose. 


If I have completed the FEM 2018, should I purchase the FEM 2019? 

Yes! FEM reports facility’s annual environment performance.  To track and compare performance and show improvement progress over time, it is important to continue to complete the modules every year.  


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