New Higg FEM: What to Expect (Chinese)


What is the Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM)? 什么是Higg工厂环境模块(Higg FEM)?

The Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM) is a sustainability assessment tool that standardizes how facilities measure and evaluate their environmental performance, year over year. Higg工厂环境模块(Higg FEM)是一种可持续性评估工具,对工厂每年如何量度和评估其环境绩效进行标准化。 

The Higg FEM is designed to: Higg FEM被设计为:

  • Measure and quantify the sustainability impacts of a facility 量度和量化工厂的可持续性影响
  • Reduce redundancy in measuring and reporting sustainability performance 减少测量和报告可持续发展绩效的冗余
  • Drive business value through reducing risk and uncovering efficiencies 通过降低风险和揭开效率来推动业务价值
  • Create a common means and language to communicate sustainability to stakeholders 创建一个共同的意义和语言,向利益相关者传达可持续发展

A facility should complete and post one Higg FEM per year. The reporting period for the Higg FEM runs every year from January 1 to May 31. All modules must be posted by the May 31 deadline.工厂应该每年完成并且发布一个Higg FEM。 Higg FEM的报告期从每年的11日至531。所有模块必须在5月31日截止日期之前发布。

What is new in the Higg FEM? Higg FEM中有什么新东西?

Key updates in the new Higg FEM include: 新Higg FEM的关键更新包括:

  • Improved assessment questions that drive at performance improvement throughout the module 改进评估问题以推动整个模块的绩效改进
  • Applicability tests to ensure a facility only answers and is scored on questions applicable to its facility type and processes 适用性测试以确保工厂只回答并在适用于其工厂类型和流程的问题上得分
  • Updated scoring to incentivize performance improvement 更新评分以激励绩效改进
  • Automatic unit conversions 自动转换单位
  • Automatic calculations quantifying total reductions from baseline and usage data 自动计算量化从基准线和使用数据中总减少量
  • Automatic data normalization by production unit 生产单位自动数据标准化
  • A new and improved chemicals management section developed in collaboration with Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) and Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) 与危险化学品零排放(ZDHC)和户外行业协会(OIA)合作开发了新和改进的化学品管理部分
  • Detailed question guidance including question intent, technical guidance, and how the question will be verified 详细问题指导,其中包括问题意图、技术指导以及如何验证问题

How long will it take to complete the Higg FEM? 需要多长时间完成Higg FEM

The time required to complete the Higg FEM will vary depending on how much of the required data and information you have already collected prior to starting the module. Typically, it will take between 2-4 weeks to complete the full module.  完成Higg FEM所需的时间取决于在启动模块之前您已经收集了多少所需的数据和信息。完成整个模块通常需要2-4周的时间。

For step by step guidance on how to start and complete your module in the new platform, please review the Platform: Completing Your Module guide.  有关如何在新的higg.org平台上启动和完成模块的分步指导,请查看Higg.org平台:完成模块指南。

What to Know Before You Get Started - 在开始之前应该知道什么

Facilities should be honest and transparent when completing assessments. The Higg FEM is NOT a pass/fail assessment, rather a tool that identifies opportunities to improve.  工厂应在完成评估时诚实明晰。 Higg FEM不是合格与不合格评估,而是识别并找出改进机会的工具。

When in doubt about whether your answer qualifies as “Yes,” it is recommended to take a more conservative approach and answer “Partial” or “No or Unknown,” where applicable. When you have selected “Yes” to a question, you should provide as much supporting information as possible in the sub-questions and file upload.  如果对您的答案是否符合“是”有疑问,建议采取更保守的方法,并在适用的情况下回答“部分”或“否或未知”。当您选择“是”来回答问题时,您应该在子问题和文件上传中提供尽可能多的支持信息。

Question Structure - 问题结构

The Higg FEM is comprised of primary and secondary questions. Primary questions are numbered, and secondary questions are listed below the primary questions and colored blue. Question types in the Higg FEM may be one of the following: Higg FEM由主要问题和次要问题组成。主要问题被编号而次要问题列在主要问题下方并以蓝色显示。 Higg FEM中的问题类型可能是下列之一:

  • Select one 选择一个
  • Multi-select (select all that apply) 多选(选择所有适用的)
  • Enter text 输入文字
  • Enter a number 输入一个数字
  • Upload a file (please note some file upload questions are required, and others are just suggested – required questions will have a red asterisk * next to the question.) 上传一个文件(请注意一些文件上传的问题是必需的,其他的只是建议 - 所需的问题旁边会有一个红色的星号*)。

Note: If you answer “Yes” to a question, additional follow-up questions will appear that you must answer to fully complete the question and earn points.   注意:如果您回答问题 为“”,则会出现其他跟进问题,您必须回答以完全填写问题并获得积分。 

Completing Level 1 Questions First - 首先完成第一级问题

Each section of the Higg FEM consists of a three-level structure (Levels 1, 2, and 3) of questions, which represent increasing levels of environmental practices.  Higg FEM的每个部分都由一个三级结构(1,2,3级)组成,这些结构代表了级别逐步提高的环境实践。

  • Level 1 – Tracking and Awareness: Level 1 achievement indicates the facility is adequately tracking sustainability performance and has a good understanding of the facility’s environmental impacts 第一追踪和意识度:第一级成绩表明该工厂正在充分追踪可持续发展绩效,并对工厂环境影响有很好的了解
  • Level 2 – Baselining and Improving Performance: Level 2 achievement indicates the facility is baselining, setting targets, has an action plan, and is starting to make environmental impact reductions. 第二 - 基准和提高绩效:第二级成绩表明该工厂正在建立基线,制定目标,制定行动计划,并开始减少对环境的影响。
  • Level 3 – Leading Practice: Level 3 achievement indicates the facility’s exemplary sustainability leadership in making continuous reductions and/or demonstrating true industry best practice (e.g., use of renewable energy and/or closed loop water recycling). 第三 - 领导实践:第三级成绩表明该工厂在持续减排和/或展示真正的行业最佳实践(例如使用可再生能源和/或封闭循环水回收)方面的可持续发展领导力示范性。

In the new Higg FEM, facilities must meet Level 1 practices before moving on to Level 2 or Level 3. You will not be able to view or answer Level 2 or Level 3 questions unless your factory has implemented practices from Level 1 questions. This ensures basic practices are well-established before more advanced practices are assessed. 在新的Higg FEM中,工厂必须符合第一级规范,然后才能进入第二级或第三级除非您的工厂实施了一级问题的实践,否则您将无法查看或回答第二级或第三级问题。这确保在评估更高级的实践之前,基本实践已经完善。 

Applicability Questions - 适用性问题

The new Higg FEM will include qualifier questions to ensure you only answer questions applicable to your factory type. These questions are called “applicability tests.” You will be asked applicability questions at the start of four sections of the Higg FEM: 新的Higg FEM将包含限定符问题,以确保您只回答适用于您的工厂类型的问题。这些问题被称为“适用性测试”。您会在Higg FEM的四个部分的开始前询问适用性问题:

  • Water Use: are you a high risk/heavy water user? Or a low risk/light water user? 用水:您是高风险/高度用户吗?还是一个低风险/轻度用户?
  • Air Emissions: do you have sources of operating, refrigerating, or production air emissions? 空气排放:您是否有操作、使用制冷剂或生产空气排放源?
  • Wastewater treatment: What type of wastewater do you produce and how do you treat it? 废水处理:您生产什么类型的废水,您如何处理?
  • Chemicals: do you use chemicals in production processes or not? 化学品:您是否在生产过程中使用化学品?

Scoring - 评分

For information on Higg FEM scoring, please review the Higg FEM Scoring and Applicability guide.  有关Higg FEM评分的信息,请查看Higg FEM评分和适用性指南。

Auto-calculations and Data Normalization 自动计算和数据标准化

The new Higg FEM will ask questions regarding baselines and whether your facility normalizes baselines, targets, and impact reductions. For more information please review the Higg FEM Baselining & Data Normalization guide.  新的Higg FEM将询问有关基准线的问题,以及您的工厂是否规范了基准线、目标和减少影响。欲了解更多信息,请查看Higg FEM基准线和数据标准化指南。

Starting January 2018 Higg FEM will show automatic calculations in the Energy, Water Use, and Waste sections for Level 2 and Level 3 questions referring to: 20181起,Higg FEM将在能源、用水及废物部分显示2级和3级问题的自动计算:

  • Baselines 基准线
  • Targets 目标
  • Reductions 节省量 

Note: to avoid confusion answering these types of questions, please wait until January 2018 to start completing any questions in the sections outlined above.  注意:为了避免混淆回答这些类型的问题,请等到20181才开始填写上述部分中的任何问题。

Detailed Question Guidance 详细问题指导

Every question in the Higg FEM offers a hint right below the primary question to help you better understand how to answer the question. Higg FEM中的每一个问题都提供了一个提示以帮助您更明白如何回答这个问题。

If you are looking for more detailed guidance on a question, you can click the “?” symbol next to the question. This will take you to the Higg FEM How to Higg Guide如果您正在寻找关于某个问题的更详细指导,则可以单击该问题旁边的符号。这将为您显示Higg FEM How to Higg指南

  • The Higg FEM How to Higg Guide provides guidance for every question in the Higg FEM. For every question, the guide will explain: Higg FEM How to Higg 指南为Higg FEM中的每个问题提供指导。对于每个问题,指南将解释:
    • The intent of the question 问题的意向
    • Any technical guidance for that question 对该问题的任何技术指导
    • How the question will be verified 问题将如何被验证

Who to Engage on Higg FEM - 谁参与Higg FEM

Make sure that you have engaged the relevant subject matter experts at your facility to complete the Higg FEM. Below is a checklist of suggested personnel that you can engage to get the most accurate information for each Higg Index Section: 确保您已经聘请了您工厂相关主题专家来完成Higg FEM。下面是一个建议人员的清单,您可以参与为每个Higg指数部分获取最准确的信息:


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