Adidas Health & Safety Guidelines


Guidance for suppliers on workplace health & safety standards.

Published by:   Adidas Group
Target Audience:   Suppliers
What will this resource help with? Comply with the adidas Group’s Workplace Standards in conjunction with local standards and legal requirements, give practical ideas by presenting basic requirements as a minimum as well as the Technical Application Guidelines that complement the basic H&S Guidelines.  

In order to promote uniform standards regarding health and safety, the adidas Group has developed the Health & Safety (H&S) Guidelines, for establishing, auditing and monitoring at factories working with the Group.

These guidelines detail the requirements which will allow suppliers to comply with the adidas Group Workplace Standards and are based on existing global standards. The guidelines described do not necessarily reflect the national laws of all the countries where suppliers are based, and it is the responsibility of individual suppliers to ensure that they meet all legal requirements relating to H&S matters.

The main purpose of the guidelines is to give practical ideas to suppliers to help them manage the process of continuous improvement.

The guidance offered in this document is presented in two parts. The first covers basic H&S and describes the minimum requirements for general manufacturing. The Technical Application Guidelines complement the Basic H&S Guidelines, by providing information and practical guidance on ways to strengthen the delivery of effective H&S in the workplace.

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