MAS Environmental Sustainability Calibration Tool Version 1.2


Guidance for facilities on reducing environmental impact.  

Published by:   MAS Holdings (Pvt) Ltd
Target Audience:   Suppliers
What will this resource help with? The document helps to assess, benchmark rate and improve facilities for efficient operations by implementing minimum requirements and additional recommended actions.   

The calibration tool was developed to assess, benchmark rate and subsequently improve existing infrastructure in all MAS Holdings facilities. This document also aims to standardise and replicate best practices throughout the group while ensuring efficient operations and continuously improve the environmental sustainability baseline towards a net zero impact facility.

The calibration tool comes in two parts consisting of the guide document and checklist. The guide document lists out the road map for each facility to achieve the minimum mandatory requirements henceforth known as MR for the MAS Sustainability benchmark. It also lists out additional recommended actions henceforth known as RA that a factory can attempt to implement and achieve a higher rating in the calibration tool. The guide document provides a detailed description of the areas covered in each section.

The calibration tool checklist is a detailed self-assessment tool that lists both the mandatory as well as recommended actions required to successfully pass each section of the tool. Each requirement comes with a list of parameters to fulfil as well as required documents to be submitted as part of the assessment process.

The sections dealing with major environmental and social aspects such as water, waste, or environmental sustainability culture are further sub-divided into mandatory requirement and recommended action rating. All mandatory requirements must be completed by each facility to achieve the baseline score.

Related Impact Areas in Higg Facility Environmental Module:   
  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Indoor Environment Quality
  • Water Efficiency
  • Waste Management
  • Emissions Management
  • Chemical Management
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