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Once you have set up your account and started your module, you can approve requests to share your module with your business partners. You can also request modules from other accounts. Approved business partners and peers can only see posted or verified shared modules. They cannot view a module in progress.

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Approving Sharing Requests

To view and approve any sharing requests, select “Sharing” on the home page. 

  • You will see “Received Requests” at the top of the page. This indicates requests from your business partners that would like to view your completed modules.
  •  Click “Approve” or “Decline” next to the sharing request. You can approve a sharing request even if your module is not yet completed/posted. The account that requested access will not see your module until you have posted it.


Sending Sharing Requests

To send a sharing request to access another account’s posted module, click “New Sharing Request” at the top right of the page


  • Optional: If you would like to filter your sharing request to a specific type of module or year, select a module type using the dropdown menu. This is optional, if you do not select anything, you will receive results for all module types and years.
  • Search for the facility whose module you wish to request by using the account name or Higg identification number if you know it (Higg ID). To search for multiple accounts, separate the names and/or ID numbers with a comma (e.g. account 1, account 2, account 3). Click “
  • Review the search results and click the checkbox next to each account whose module you wish to request. Click “Request Modules.


  • Facilities who you request a module from, will receive a notification by email and within the platform. They must approve the request to grant you permission to view their posted modules. 

You can view all your sent sharing requests in the “Sent Requests” Click “Re-request” to send business partners a reminder notification if they have not yet approved your sharing request.


Viewing Approved Shared Modules

You can view all modules that have been successfully shared with you in the “Shared Modules” section at the bottom of the Sharing page.

  • You will see the status of all the modules shared with you, whether the module is “in progress” or “posted.” Remember, you will only be able to view posted modules.
  • Exporting shared module data will be possible in January 2018.


If you have questions or need support, please first review the training materials on

If you cannot find the answer to your questions, click “Submit a Request” at the top of the page to submit a support request.

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